Spotify Pro: Higher Subscription Level for Power Users

We've heard of Spotify Plus and Spotify Premium, but it's time for Spotify Pro. Spotify has done a fantastic job at simplifying its software to better suit your typical music lovers. It's packed with great features and we appreciate that, but in simplifying, Spotify also removed features used by power users, like me. I'm a DJ, I'm a huge fan of Spotify, but I know Spotify has so much more potential.


Introducing Spotify Pro



Spotify Pro brings back features users miss like "Choose as Current Playlist" and adds loads of other easy-to-use features too:

  • A more editable play queue (skipping track functionality)
  • Playlist insights with graphs (how many currently listening to, stats per song, time of day, how many listens over week/month, etc.)
  • Compare playlists (including insight comparing)
  • Crossfade between songs mid-song
  • DJ tools, similar to what Pacemaker offers, but directly in the Spotify app. Possibly a percentage deal with Pacemaker for integration
  • Shortcuts to charts
  • Desktop equalizer
  • Ability to minimize lyrics to maybe in a single bar, as a reference
  • Extended profiles (more options, advertising, link to website maybe)
  • and so much more...

Spotify Pro is great for msuic listeners who want more freedom with how they listen to music, and it's also great for people like me who use Spotify for more than just listening to music. It's the still the same great Spotify we all know and love. It has all the same functionality, but more flexibility.

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All due respects to the important work work that goes on here.


I have moved my comments to >> this link << where all comments can remain "live".  Thank you.

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@rednblu This idea is standalone. This comment space is still open for other's thoughts, and for Spotify's consideration. Thank you.


Your optimism is truly inspiring, @liquidice13!  Thanks . . . .

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Thanks @rednblu! I just hope the Spotify team takes notice of these thoughts. There's so much potential. Best.


.....and option to choose surface ?


I have not paid for PRO and not use Spotify at all when I can't read and find for example the scrollbar.


I get headache when trying to read the grey text on the black background.


Is it that young people with clear eyes think this "cool" ?


I want to remind the devlopers that I am of the first generation computer user and am 63 years old now and my sight have going weak not only for the age but also because of diabetes.......( I wondering what those other with weak sight are saying or is this ONLY for young healthy or no disabled people ? )


Give us opion to change the surface or else will people find other music sites.

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Also please note that many of the mentioned features (desktop equalizer, user listening stats, advanced user profile pages) have been requested elsewhere in the Exchange: you may want to search and add your kudos to those ideas as well.

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@blake Yes, I understand that. Thank you!

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@annaask The "Spotify Pro" idea is for more advanced functionalities and abilties.


The ability to change the theme to dark text on a light background, if that's what you're wanting, definitely holds value. Although, it's probably something that Spotify would put into youyr settings page if they were to implement it, and it would most likely be available to all users, as it's an Accessibility issue.


It's not relevant to this idea, but if you post it as a new idea, send me a link to your idea's page, and I'd be happy to give it kudos. Cheers!

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