Spotify Running should be available in offline Mode

Is it possible to make the new Spotify Running feature available in offline mode?

Updated on 2018-02-27

Hey everyone, the Spotify Community team here. We’re here to let you know we will be retiring our Running feature on 26 February 2018. We always take retiring features in Spotify very seriously. We’re pouring our energy into new ways of creating the best experience for our users.


Of course, you can still workout with Spotify as your Running companion. You can find Running playlists in the Workout section of Browse section. You can also connect your Spotify running music with an exercise app. Check out our support articles on Nike+ Run Club and Runkeeper for more information.


If you’re interested to learn more about how the app evolves, check out our article about testing and why features change. Should there be any updates we'll post here, thanks folks. 

Hi I'm a UK user on an iPhone 5s. What's the point of the new running feature if I can't use it in offline mode - I've checked my settings and I can't find a way to use my data plan to stream Spotify - so having initially been really excited about this feature now I'm really disappointed.

When I opened the app today I seen a "Whats New" message showing the Running feature then once that closed I don't see the option in the Menu or settings for the Running option. My girlfriend living in the same house has the menu item on her mobile app though???


I would be much more likely to continue my premium subscription if the new running feature was available offline...I don't have cell service where I live so I can't connect to it...I can still listen to my playlists, but I really like some of the custome playlists with the running feature...please make this happen spotify!!

Casual Listener

I would like to add my vote for an offline option for the Running feature.  If you actually run outside, how likely is it that you will have constant WiFi connectivity?  I was really hoping that it would pull from my offline music tracks and playlists.  I listen to as much as I can offline because WiFi really guzzles the charge on my iPod touch battery.

Useless without being available off-line
please add this feature!

I have enjoyed Spotify Running a lot over the last couple of weeks, until I saw my phonebill 😞

Will not use it anymore. Having Spotify Running  available off line with option to choose different paces (steps per minute) would be really great!

Casual Listener

I would love to use this feature but can't because Spotify uses far too much of bandwidth and I don't have a stable internet connection on some of my routes.


I don't get how this wasn't implemented from the very beginning...


Spotify... You HAVE to make this available in offline mode. Not offering it is a disservice to us all and makes me consider leaving. 



Love the running app on Spotify after I tried it for the first time today. However I experience the same problem as the others here. I have limited amount of data on my phone and it also turned out that the place where I was running had a really bad mobile connection so I couldn't use the running app for the whole run. 


It would be great if it would be possible to:

- Make the running app take songs that I can play offline

- Make it possible to make specific lists available offline

- Make it possible to buffer a specified amount of music (measured in time or space) so that you'll atleast have a certain amount of songs available in the next hour or so.


Keep up the good work! Love Spotify!