Spotify Running should be available in offline Mode

Is it possible to make the new Spotify Running feature available in offline mode?

Updated on 2018-02-27

Hey everyone, the Spotify Community team here. We’re here to let you know we will be retiring our Running feature on 26 February 2018. We always take retiring features in Spotify very seriously. We’re pouring our energy into new ways of creating the best experience for our users.


Of course, you can still workout with Spotify as your Running companion. You can find Running playlists in the Workout section of Browse section. You can also connect your Spotify running music with an exercise app. Check out our support articles on Nike+ Run Club and Runkeeper for more information.


If you’re interested to learn more about how the app evolves, check out our article about testing and why features change. Should there be any updates we'll post here, thanks folks. 


I love the running playlists... but my cell phone traffic is quite limited and cell reception is quite bad in some areas I'm used to run. Please add the option to make it offline available... or at least find a way to reduce mobile traffic.


I would absolutely love to seen an offline running mode implemented into Spotify. I run in areas where the cellular service is sketchy, and losing my music halfway through a run is nothing short of devestating.


I honestly don't understand why this much-requested feature hasn't been added to Spotify already. It seems like with a lot of the running tracks there isn't that many songs (no more than a long playlist) that would even have to be downloaded. Even if I had to download a full GB of data it'd still be worth it. 


I personally don't need GB of data. I need just two running originals at two steps sittings each (so 4 sets of 5-6 songs)

I had to record that from headphone jack and code into mp3 to record into my mini mp3 player - which i use during races and abroad when data is unavailable. Crazy, isn't it?


I also think there is some reason they don't want to implement it - since the feature is core for running and they have everything ready for that (you can make a single song/ album offline so it is implemented already). 

Casual Listener

The same would be cool for radios and mix tapes. I just need the next hour or so.


I would imagine that the running element of your product would be great, like the rest of the product that I've used so far. I do not belong to a gym, I run outdoors, so I can't give any feedback as I can't use it. It would be good to be able to use this part of the serice that I pay for. Please consider it for 'offline' use ASAP.


This needs to be implemented ASAP along with an Apple Watch app and access to the tempo detection for the running playlists from the watch. Thank you! 

Casual Listener

I don't think tempo detection is critical (I assume you mean cadence detection)

More then that- some people prefer to set BPM manually, to help them drift it towards  desired value (there are many aiming to Daniels' 180)



This is the dumbest thing a smart company could do. Ive been using the running feature's cadence setting while training for a marathon. Now I'm overseas about to race I find out I can't use this offline, so have to pay huge bucks for data. Why is this so hard to implement?


What is the point of a feature that doesn't work without a constant connection?


I'd love to see this work offline, as I'd like to use it on my iPod. Smartphones are just too big to fit in a pocket these days, but I do find that setting the cadence helps me a lot with workouts!