Spotify SDK for games

Apologies if the SKD already supports this kind of usage. 


There are a few great games out there that analyse music and use it as in-game levels - games like Audiosurf and Beat Hazard.


The problem with these games: If you use Spotify, you can't use a lot of your music in them.


If Spotify were able to create an SDK (perhaps linked with the cache on your computer) that would enable games to use it like this (they would need to be able to analyse the whole track. 


I know that the developer of Audiosurf Air ( wants to work this in the game, but his latest tweet about it (a few months ago) says that he isn't able to contact Spofity.


I think that working out a way for games to use Spotify would be a huge plus for both the games and Spotify itself.

Updated: 2015-11-17


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Spotify Legend

Part of me wonders if a game would work and be pitched for Spotify Apps?

Music Fan

Yes! I love Audio-Surf but it's annoying that since now I use Spotify almost exclusively that Audio-Surf doesn't work with it. Almost the entire point of Spotify (Premium, btw!) is no longer needing MP3s locally. Having to have two copies of each song (Spotify and otherwise) is silly.


Would love for Spotify to play ball and be nice with Audio-Surf. It's a great game with quite literally infinite replayability!

Casual Listener

I loved Audiosurf, but now all my music's on Spotify now, so I can't play it anymore. That would be great if they could share the encryption with the Audiosurf crew.


AudioSurf 2 and BeatHazard with Spotify would be great - an unbeatable combination!


also Song Summoner: the unsung heroes


This should already be possible for developers by using the libspotify SDK...


Or a partnership with Rockstar. GTA 5 & Spotify !


 This may be old, but with Steam now having a music player built into it, I'd love Spotify to work with them to integrate into it.


i would like to see somthing like this



I really like this idea. Can't play Audiosurf anymore.

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