Spotify UI feedback

Some feedback from a new user.

General: Spotify cannot understand multiple artists with the same name. It just clumps all the music together under a single artist page even though the artists might be radically different genres, eras, etc. This is stupidand I cannot fathom how this is still a problem after at least 3+ years after it's been reported. It's obvious that absolutely nobody on the Spotify team cares about this.

General: There is no easy way to report problems with a song, album, artist, etc. Why can't I just right-click and say "submit feedback" to report a bad album date, a duplicate album or song, etc.? Instead I have to search the community forums for... some sort of Google web form which apparently goes to the developers? I guess? This is extremely inconvenient and tells me Spotify does not care about my feedback or about having correct metadata.

Desktop: I can't just click on an artist under my saved Artists tab and see all their content. Following an artist should imply I want to save all of their content as well. Instead, I have to navigate to their artist page every time, or tediously click dozens upon dozens times to save all their albums. This is terrible.

Desktop: Queueing music is awful. When I queue up an album, song etc. why does it add it to the immediate next position in my current queue, instead of putting it at the end? This means it's impossible to effectively organize a queue in the order I actually want to play it in and requires additional manual intervention and/or some kind of awkward UI gymnastics, where I need to queue stuff up before playing it.

Android: Playing an album or song you want to is bizarre and labyrinthine. I have figured out that to play the music I want, I need to add it to my Now Playing playlist. I would expect to be able to just go to Your Music -> etc. and then press a play button on a song or album. Instead I need to select the top-right menu and select "Add to Queue". This is confusing.

Android: On this same view: there is a giant "Shuffle Play" button. But why is there no "Play in Order" button? Why is the only prominent option to shuffle? I hate shuffle and yet it's the only one that is visible. This combines with the above problem to make just playing the music I want  an ordeal. Shuffle should be a toggle I can turn on/off with its own dedicated button during playback, not the only clear option available.

Android: Once I've added music to my Queue, it's not immediately clear what I need to do to play it. There's a little banner that pops up on the bottom of the screen which I can press a tiny Play button on, but it's easy to miss.

Android: Actually managing your Queue is awful. First, getting there is confusing. To do so, I need to tap the tiny "now playing song X" banner on the bottom of the screen (which, by the way, has no indication it's actually a button I can tap on to do something), then tap the top-right "list" button (which uses an icon that looks like nothing else used in the rest of the UI). From there I am finally at the full Queue.


Actually removing a song from the Queue requires me to press the "..." button next to each song and tap "Remove" or alternately "Delete". Why are there two options and what do they mean? I don't understand the difference and they appear to do the same thing, so why do they have different names?


Last, sometimes the "Remove" or "Delete" button doesn't even appear here. Instead I inexplicably have to "Save" the song before the "Remove" or "Delete button appears (again, no clear reason why there's different labeling for these apparently identical options).

Android: If I go to Your Music -> Artists -> Artist X, it shows all songs in one huge list (categorized by the album). This requires a ton of extra scrolling, which is annoying. There should be a way to toggle between showing individual songs and albums.

Android: If I go to Your Music -> Artist -> Artist X -> Album Y, I am taken to the album view. However, when I use the top-right menu, there is a "Go to Full Album" option. When I select it, I am taking to an identical-looking view. Why does this exist? This option appears to be completely superfluous and is confusing as a result.


Android: On both my phone and tablet I have encountered numerous crashes, where I'm simply playing music in the background (on my phone while walking around, or on my tablet while web browsing etc.), and suddenly the Spotify app just vanishes and playback stops. This doesn't seem to be related to memory use or another app interfering with Spotify, because I've seen it happen even when the device isn't in active use. Considering I'm using two well-known largely stock Android devices (Moto G and Nexus 7) it's perplexing why there are apparent compatibility issues here.

Forums: The Spotify forum interface is bizarre. I would expect a standard threaded interface but instead I see the entire first post in a forum section. Why? This wastes a ton of space and makes the page confusing to read and navigate.


After using Spotify across multiple devices actively for about a week or so, I cannot believe that any Spotify UI designer has actually attempted to use the program/app/web site at all. The only other conclusion I can draw is that it's somehow deliberately made to be extremely counter-intuitive by design, because Spotify actively hates its users.


If you compare to just about any well-made music player, which lets you view all your music in a list of artists, albums, etc. using an easy-to-understand tree structure, and usually has some sort of easy way to drag-and-drop music to and between playlists, not to mention a simple "Play This Thing" button (which Spotify lacks), Spotify comes across as just completely counter-intuitive for no clear benefit. It completely and utterly fails on even the most fundamental requirements for easy music management and playback.


The Spotify software provides an extremely poor quality user experience that is vastly inferior to many other alternatives, and even free and open source options (such as Foobar2000). For such a large company that accepts monthly subscription payment, this is utterly abysmal, and I am shocked such a hugely popular service suffers from such horrendous software.

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