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Spotify UI needs to be more condensed, not more like iTunes

I would like the search results to show up as in the old UI-design. The new UI-design is horrible, beside the point that Spotify is starting to look more and more like iTunes for no good reason.


It all comes down to wasted screen real estate. First of all the new search is wasting space on the sides while simultaneously truncating Artist name and album name. The new search also wastes roughly half of my screen before the search results come. This leads to unnecessary scrolling and I am using an 1920x1200 display!, this must be even more irritating on smaller resolution displays.

I have outlined my thoughts in picture1 and picture2


So I guess my idea is that Spotify needs to think in terms of screen real estate. The primary goal needs to be to present as much information as possible in one screen. The old UI did a perfect job for this. There where clear lists and still album art to see what was going on. It also had its own distinct look and feel it felt genuine in some seance. Copying the look and feel of iTunes feels second class somehow, like Spotify desperately tries to be something else. But there is so much other aspects the needs to be fixed with Spotify then the look and feel of its UI.


Updated on 2018-06-16

Hello and thanks for the feedback!


Since this idea has been posted 2-3 major face lifts ago, this idea will be closed and linked to a newer idea focusing on the current Design:


The discussion will continue there! 😉


I agree.  I just updated to the new version ... and really wish I hadn't - - ugh.  It's hard to see stuff because the screen graphics are so big.  Hard to scroll down and get where i want.  (sigh)

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To make it clear, this idea reflects the request to have less wasted screen space in the new UI, also well described in the linked pictures.

If you just want to have the old grey theme back, then check out this idea here:
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I too stand behind this! The new ui is horrible, especially from a design perspective. It makes no sense, the bright colors clash with the dark grey of the rest of the interface and causes eyeburn. And as Periodic mentions wastes an awful lot of space and is just clunky to navigate! It's an incredible poor design choice on your part. You should try to differentiate yourself from itunes instead of adopting all of their misstakes.


I COMPLETELY AGREE. Spotify, the new theme is horrible. The contrast is painful and it most definitely looks significantly more like iTunes, which is not a good thing. Please please consider returning to/revamping your old UI. One of my favorite features was being able to click on an artist and see the related artists in the top right corner, it was immediate and gratifying. I realize that this feature wasn't removed, simply relocated, but having it in front of me provided for a more fluid path of discovery. Please. Please. Go back.


I have to chime in on this one too. I'm a long time Spotify user and a graphic designer. The design was great before the recent update. There is so much wasted space now.


One tthing I miss is the little blurb at the top of the page in Artist view that gave several lines  of the intro to the artist Biography.  Now I have to click on the full Biography link to read anything. While this might not seem like a big deal, having that blurb was really convenient and attention grabbing.  Now I have less of a desire to click the Biography link.


Another grievance is the Top Tracks section of the Artist page. While it's great that they increased it from 5 to 10, the new mini album icons take up so much room! Plus I loved being able to star a track right from the Top Tracks list withouth having to hunt for it in the Albums list. Sure, the little icons help find the album quickly, but it's still annoying to scroll and hunt.  And what's with the side by side crap? Now I can't click on the top track and shift+click down through the next album to select all the songs, it skips the 9 other tracks. That should be fixed.


And of course, color! This might sound like nitpicking, but it really makes a big deal. So many people spend hours on end on their computer each day. For those who have to stare at a screen for a long time, a bright interface is a bad idea.  Sure, it looks pretty, but that's not what it should be about. I want to hear music, and I want a power, intuitive tool to get the job done. If the color and design are going to bug people, guess what? People aren't going to interact with your product as much. They're going to do what I do now, set a long playlist, minimize the window, and forget about all the extra goodies you've worked so hard to pack into your software. Spotify's color and layout was spot on before. If you want to mess with the color, cool. But could we have some options to change it from the preferences pane without having to download and install add ons or skins?


(wow that was long, sorry. there's my two cents)


Just want to say I am glad that more people then I thinks the same way about the new UI.


I have to agree, I just restarted and got the update. At 1600x900 I barely see half of the first album. I personally have no need for "Following, Share and Start Radio", add a hide/remove button to those functions.


Try to create a good music player, not a social app/website.

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Totally agree. I am a happy paying Spotify user and was SO HAPPY to get away from using the ugly and clunky iTunes. Making artist pages look more like iTunes was a big step backward.


Ye i also got the new version in a computer retart for some reason. And i have to agrre with the thread maked on all post. This is an horroble uppdate. The UI is so bad that even if there is some imporovment to anything else in this uppdate you give me no choise but to downgrade to a olderversion.


Fire the guy who try to copycat iTunes

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ugh I just got the update yesterday looks so incredibly terrible. I used to kinda browse through Spotify and read the artist info, but nowI just minimize the thing because it looks so bad....