Spotify app for windows 8.1/Surface

I realize this is a topic among the ideas in the Spotify community, but there are no solutions. The biggest problems with the lack of an app for Windows 8.1 is the lack of ability to operate in the background (IE sleep mode), and poor touch compatibility. I know that a common "solution" to the background play mode is turn off sleep mode. This is not a solution, this is a crutch. Turning off sleep mode cripples the idea of a portable tablet or laptob, sleep mode is a feature implemented to drastically reduce the amount of energy the tablet/laptop is using to prolong battery life. "Wireless" is the entire idea behind a portable computer and killing what saves battery power destroys the ability to stay wireless. The touch compatibility is a less pressing issue but still one that should be recognized. 2012 is when the first post, about windows 8, was created and Spotify has yet to create an app. There is a third party app seperate from Spotify, but is poor quality and less then what i'm paying for as a premium Spotify member. Creating an app for Windows or making it compatible with the settings on what to allow to run in the background are the only solutions. This is something Spotify should have done years ago and has ample time to step up to the plate. If Spotify does not have an app for the coming update in Windows operating software (Windows 10) I personally will change to another music provider. It is a safe prediction to think that others will also do the same. 

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