Spotify for BlackBerry Playbook!

As I look around the web I see that there are many people who would enjoy Spotify on their Playbook. 

I would really like that, now i'm paying premium for nothing.

Updated: 2015-04-26


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When will there finally be an mobile application for the Blackberry Playbook.

It is ridiculous there is still no solution for this problem...

I have no need of a premium account if this app will not be available anytime soon?


This is so frustrating: spotify installed on my playbook via DDPB and bar file: and it is not working what is the problem?

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Hey everyone 🙂 


I have another ideas topic which is to get Spotify on BB10 when it launches at the start of next year (70 days today!). Since BB10 will be coming to the playbook this could be the best chance we have to get a Spotify application for our beloved tablets. 


Head to the topic here and add kudos! 🙂




Why the hell not move your arses and make an app for blackberry playbook. im sure it would =nt take much effort to confert an android app for blackberry. Get on it. Ive been a premium spotify user for years now and will be canceling it unless its done soon!!!


If everyone posting here is as angry as I am that Spotify is not only refusing to port to the Playbook, they are also ignoring the requests of its customers to give an official reply to the questions asked here (and elsewhere), then do what I have done - vote with your pockets. Cancel your Spotify subscription using the reason that they are excluding Blackberry Playbook owners and as a result, if Spotify does not support Playbook owners then you as a Playbook owner, can no longer support Spotify.


You can transfer all the music you need from your own personal collections to a cloud share and access it on the go without relying on Spotify and there are plenty of free applications which will allow you to access from the cloud.


And save yourselves money as well.

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Still hoping this will come with the BB10 update!




Long time has passed from Spotify starts... Please make PlayBook app ! 

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I left Spotify and went back to satellite because Spotify refuses to support CDMA and specifically the Blackberry Playbook. There is no ogg issue with WifI. Pandora works, slacker works great and Deezer does as well. It seems unimaginable there is no app native or otherwise yet.


Simple. Please put my subscription dollars to work on the Playbook. 


Please create a Spotify app for the PlayBook. If you do not, I'll swap to Deezer when my Spotify contract runs out. Simples.