Spotify for Games Consoles

This of course could be referenced to PS3 and Wii as well, but as a primarily 360 user I'm biased 😉 I'm hoping that something is in the works to bring Spotify to 360. Being that so many people have their gaming consoles setup through their home audio, it would really up the ante on the sound experience. As a premium user I use Spotify all the time but my living room is begging for it!


Heres to hopin!

Updated: 2015-03-30

We're excited to announce the Spotify app is available on PlayStation®4 system and PlayStation®3 system for all Spotify subscribers. Check out our support site and Blog for more information. We hope you enjoy it! 


You can offer your feedback on a Spotify app for xBox over here.

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I would imagine something like this would work in a similar way Spotify does on things like Boxee Box or the Western Digital system. The controller would work in a bit of a quicker fashion than a remote control I would guess - although searching on things on an XBox can take a while when typing stuff in, generally I find it to be fairly fluid. I'll be sure to pop this idea along.


I have also seen the Boxee version of Spotify and came away fairly impressed. Question is who is the biggest tupp-blocker - Microsoft or Spotify rightsholders lawyers.


Similar services are available in the states and the uk for the Xbox. The music service on the xbox currently available could really use some competition, as it really sucks.


I would also like to volunteer my services and test this kind of app if needed. 🙂

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This would work awesome with the Wii U when that's released later this year. You could use the touch screen controller to queue songs that play on the TV, or use it as a portable speaker system.


I'm one of those who use the PS3 as my primary (only!) media center. It works well with my NAS and supports DLNA.However, it lacks my favourite music service: Spotify. A Spotify App in the PS3 would be the most awesome thing since sliced bread!


I realise that the challenge in making this feature happen is more about politics, distribution rights and negotiations with Sony than about tech development. Still, I'm one of your users who'd really appreciate the effort!

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I would love to have a Spotify app for the PS3 but I doubt it will ever happen.. 


I have both a PS3 and a Sony Google TV, would be very helpful to have an app for one or either.  Problem is that Sony's got their own music service trying to compete with Spotify.


Now a days everything is an app. for a phone or tablet. The newest piece of hand held genious is the Playstation Vita. It is a little hand held demon and holds up a huge fight with the hand held indastry. Is it possible that sometime in the future you can make an app. that will be comptable with the new PS Vita? This would help better  populise Spotify because you would be the only music App on the PSV.

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It would be awesome to have Spotify on Xbox, we have a client but it would be ACE to have it on the Xbox.  Especially if people like myself have their xbox connected to a large TV and a kicking stereo system in their lounge.


I doubt it as Sony had their own MoD service, Music Unlimited / Qriocity. It depends if Sony are going to go all Apple and not allow any competitor onto their device.