Spotify on Nokia E6

I had Spotify on my Nokia E71 for a while and truly loved it. Now I have the new Nokia E6 and it turns out that there is no Spotify for this phone! It is available for a similar phone, the Nokia N8, but the only difference is that the E6 has a screen in landscape mode.


Please support the Nokia E6!



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I'm also eagerly waiting for Spotify app on E6. Please make it happen!


Can't live without Spotify, please be gentle and make a working version for the E6! :)


I have also wait a long - it cannot be so dificult.

And Belle version Thanks



Sorry guys Belle version on E7 seems to have bug with network connection. I really hope spotify contiunues to support Symbian.


Ok here's the deal.... I bought the e6 to replace my e71, mainly because I use spotify A LOT and was sick of its 2.5mm TRS socket. I figured the e6 would be the perfect true upgrade in the series, which it is in every aspect apart from the huge downer that I cannot use spotify properly. A service I PAY for!!!! As most of you know there is a "working" version that enables you to play your playlists. It takes up half the screen and has almost no functionality compared with a properly compatible app. I bought the e6 in July hoping that it would be a smooth transition. Sadly it has not been, EVERY other program I used on my e71 works perfectly on the e6 apart from SPOTIFY. I love using your service. It's the most important feature of my my phone, so please spotify, give us our app back!

Regards, Ben.


I am still waiting....


Please fix this or release some code so we can do it our selfes.


Have anyone got any feedback from spotify atall?


ill just cut in the mail-convo i had with them.

i advice you all to mail them until we get a proper respone.




Why dont you support Nokia E6.
When will this be fixed?
Hi Sebastian,

Thank you for getting in touch.

Although Spotify would love to support all devices, I cannot say if or when we will be compatible with the phone Nokia E6. 

I appreciate this probably was not the answer you were looking for, but please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any other questions. 

Have a lovely Christmas :)
im sure it's not to hard for you to send a mail to the project manager and see if he has this on his roadmap or not, please do so and get back with a real anwser.

Hey Sebastian,

Thanks for getting back in touch. 

I've had a quick look into the Nokia E6, and as a Symbian phone, you may be able to download the application and trying to get it running on your phone. However, as it's not an officially supported device, we cannot promise it will work 100% - But we've seen it running on a Nokia running on Symbian in the office and seems to run well enough!
Kind Regards
Music Fan

I agree with previoius writers, please make the spotify programme available for Nokia E6 



So I can use my premium account, now it has no use for me to keep it.


regards Bernard


So, where is the E6 version?


I bet we can assume there will be no E6 version. GJ Spotify, how much of an effort would've it taken from you? 3 hours, 4 hours? Such a money-grubbing people you are.