Spotify on Philips Net TV

Something that I really miss is a Spotify app on Philips Net TV.

I use my Philips Home Theater System for streaming music from my NAS with Net TV.

But it would be great if I can listen my Spotify Premium music list with Philips Net TV too.


Maybe with an extra function that I can select the song on my Android of iPhone with Wifi.


Or, if this all isn't possible.


Add a function to the Spotify Android of iPhone app that you can select an external player within the home network, to stream the music to.


It would be very nic.

Hi there!


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Same here! Is there any solution yet?

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I also hope this APP. For Philips Streamium the app is available. That I can not understand.
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i contacted Philips. Can spotify please grant license for the spotify app in the Philips app gallery? Then philips can include it in their app gallery. 


Oh plz let it happen it would be awesome.


Still no news? please grant the license!


PLEASE that would be so awesome. Pandora is on Philips NetTV but Spotify is way better and I never use Pandora anyway... I would rather pay for Spotify than use Pandora for free.. so PLEASE!


Mmm way does Spotify don't respond to this topic. 

A simple yes or no woud be helpfull. 

I bought the Philips htb5150 system with the smart tv system.

spotify claims That it works also on home entertainment systems......

but how ?????


No update on this in a while. What's the word Spotify? I get my Philips with Net TV today. 🙂


Would really like to see an app comming to phillips smart tv.

Would make it so much better and I would definetely upgrade to premium for that


Already available?