Spotify should institute a chat system

Currently, sending a song goes through facebook, if the other person replies to my message I have to check facebook.  It makes more sense to have a chat / message system inside of Spotify.  I don't mind if Spotify just taps into Facebook's chat system, or even if they develop their own system.  

Updated on 2017-07-10

Hey folks, 


Back in February we started the process of deprecating the Inbox/Messages feature within the Spotify app.


Extensive data analysis has shown that this feature had very low engagement. The huge disparity between the use of the feature and the manpower required to maintain it doesn’t merit keeping it running, so we've taken the difficult decision to remove it.


It’s still very easy to share and chat about music from Spotify. You can check out this support article to discover other ways for getting social. For more info on this decision please read here. We're going to close this as we don't have plans for it to return. As always, thanks for your continued feedback. If we have any news on this we'll post here. 




I was thinking about this earlier. I'm currently making a playlist with a friend as we want to cover a few songs and we both saw in real-time what each other were putting in as I made the playlist avaliable to be collabrative. But it'd be better if, at the same time, we could respond to each other's ideas.


I think it'd really make Spotify unique.


that's exactly what I thought today! looks like the collective memory is collaborating too 😉

but I thinnk it would be brilliant.

there is no "outbox" feature so I forget what songs I send to certain people because they cannot respond and of course, the mian point is to discuss either a song or playlist. 


Great idea. Hope it comes to pass.

The unobtrusive, friendly interface is one of the primary reasons for me to stay on Spotify, If I wanted chatter, turning on the radio is a lot easier. But I find that to be very distracting so I prefer to actually spend time looking for albums and queuing them up then to have the music interrupted by anything while I'm doing stuff. Whoever needs me already has my number and email.

I agree, as long as Facebook isn't a part of it!!!

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i joined spotify community specifically so I could contribute this idea. Because I already see the live feed of what my facebook friends/spotify users are listening to I want to be able to click on them and send them a message saying "hey, love this album too!" or "did you know __ is playing the house of blues this weekend?" stuff like that. or use the feature to chat with non-facebook friends, just other spotify users who are listening to the same music. I guess there are other applications like soundcloud that enable more commenting/chatter but I'd like to see a forum in spotify where I can discuss music and build friendships based on common musical interests.


isn't that all any of us want anyways? friends that share our musical tastes?


slightly long commentary but all in all, love the idea! hope it goes through at some point

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Messenger, anyone?

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Yeah, I hate that I see my buddy is listening to a track I like and I want to say something about it, but I can't. What is the point of social features if you can't actually talk about them? Seems kinda half baked.


Chatting with your friends over Spotify would be great. Make it like the SoundDrop App's chatsystem. 


Having social live update on the side of Spotify is great.

I think this could be improved by implementing instant chat system for the program so that we could instantly chat and share our thoughts/ favourites on the program. 

This could be another platform for users to interact with their networks without having to log into facebook or skype.


Just a suggestion which I would love to see.