Spotify, start listening to your paying customers

So after another update that gives the users so many bugs it hurts, re-designed and new functions we really don't care about, and the depressing black interface, i'm starting to get tired that you don't seem to read all those fantastic ideas that so many of your users post here, just so we can, together, make the best music service there is on the market. Instead of completely ignoring some fundamental and smart things, like an EQUALIZER and REPEAT TRACK, or not to mention the CHROMECAST SUPPORT (all are ideas that have got hundreds of comments and kudos), you choose to remake an already functional program and making it the way you want it to be, i.e worse. I don't have enough fingers to count the bugs i'm experiencing and i sure ain't on the mood for syncing and resetting my phone just because you screwed up! Don't take this the wrong way, because i really love spotify and have used it since people were forced to have an invitation to create an account. I really just want you to read those many ideas and take them as seriously as we mean them, just like our threats to cancel our subscriptions are. You can't forget that we are the reason that you got this big in the first place, spotify, and we can as well sadly be the reason that you vanish. Don't try to fix things that aren't broken, listen to what the customers say instead, and then we can together smash the competition on the market - makers and users, together!
That is my idea.

Re-designing the white Spotify app was a very popular idea. Also as you can see in the monthly ideas reviews, Spotify keeps adding new features that are highly demanded by the community. Spotify IS listening but can't build those many ideas at once, sometimes they just don't work with the current agenda.

Your ideas that you mentioned can be found via search - please post your comments there!

Also repeat track got implemented on the desktop client already and should hopefully roll out soon to the other platforms. ;)

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