[Squeezebox] Keep Squeezebox Support

I received an email announcing removal of support for the Squeezebox media player. Please do not remove support for the Squeezebox. It is working perfectly fine.
Also, I find it a bit disingenuous to try to sell the Gramofon in the same email. I have a perfectly fine device already! Also, what happens to support for the Gramafon? Maybe Spotify will want to stop supporting that next year, and I have to buy another device? That's not a nice way to treat your paying customers!

Apparently, behind the scenes there is a different story. Spotify has been providing libspotify, which is a piece of software which is used to connect to Spotify music. The squeezebox plugin we know uses libspotify. What Spotify is saying is that they are stopping support for libspotify.
This has been known in the squeezebox community for a while, and an alternative has been developed, as noted in some of the comments here.

So the email Spotify sent should have read: "we're very sorry, but we are stopping support for the software you use to play Spotify on your squeezebox. However, there is an alternative and here are instructions to use that alternative" instead of trying to sell other hardware.

All this should mean that we can still use the squeezebox to play Spotify, so I'm more happy now ;) Though I still think that Spotify could have done a better job communicating about it.

See http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?107615-Announce-Spotty-v1-1-0 for more info on the new plugin. This plugin should be in the plugin list if your logitech media server is up to date. To update your server, start here: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?107110-Logitech-Media-Server-7-9-0-is-out!

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Music Fan

Fully agree. It's not like they provide much support as it is anyway. And **bleep** am I paying out for a new device, discount or no discount.



Drop support by all means, we mostly use third party developed plugins anyway. But please don't prevent those same third party plugins working now or in the future, and please keep your API available. I would definitely cancel my premium subscription if I can no longer use the Squeezebox ecosystem I have invested so heavily in; I will simply find another way to play the music I love over the same gear. And don't suggest I need to replace all the hardware in my house that works brilliantly with some device I've never heard of, that's very cheeky.


Also, I would suggest notifying prospective customers on the page at 




...lest someone accuse you of mis-selling your product by making false claims of interoperability.




I fully agree.  I bought my Squeezebox specifically to listen to Spotify, and do not use it for anything else.  I also have an Onkyo HiFi with Spotify access, which was a deciding factor when I bought it.  To withdraw support for these, and presumably many similar devices, while sayinmg that they


"want to make playing Spotify on your speaker and other devices better and easier"


sounds like someone's idea of a sick joke.  Spotify need to change their publicity immediately as they are or will be infringing the Trades Descriptions Act; and they need to notify immediately all those manufacturers stil advertising Spotify access on their streamers, so that Spotify does put them in the position of acting illegally.


These s no need for trhis action from an organization which has become the leader in music downloading.


It would be nice if the support doesn't end all together, I can live with new features not being available on my Squeezebox but the main feature like music search and being able to use my playlists would be nice to still have.


It's my best music player that I use for high quality playback on my Hifi stereo so if I cannot use Spotify I will change to Tidal.


Like others, I'm furious about this.  I had my Squeezebox Touch nicely installed into my wall during a recent refurbishment - I have no intention of doing away with it - I'll find another way of playing music through it and give up my Spotify Premium account.



same here. lack of squeezebox support will be a deal breaker if my squeezebox radios won't play Spotify. I'll go elsewhere to stream music. This way of abandonning paying customers is awful. At least you could tell us what to expect frop Ultimate Ears Radios and other equipements. Those are squeezebox radios with newer firmwares. So, no Squeezebox/UE Radio with Spotify is no Spotify for me.


The least you can is help and aupport independent  developers.

Music Fan

The claim that it's done to make it easier and better to stream on our devices is an absolute joke.


Do you know what would make it really easy for me? Leave Spotify on the 3 Squeezebox pieces of hardware I own.


They're the primary listening devices in my home, so if I can't use any of those 3 what's the point of my Spotify Premium subscription?


Swords > Exactly. I have 5 Squeezebox radios. i won't buy 5 other pieces of hardware with mitigated review to compensate the lazyness of a streaming music provider I pay 120€/year.


I do sincerely hope it's a joke, a hack, or anything. With 13 devices and 2 spares in my house, replacing my hardware is just, well I don't need to explain. Also the speed of unsupporting is simply not trustworthy a major business player. Or maybe, it is just exactly that? The power of a major player to do what is best for them.


For now, I stick to my trust it does keep working, and in the great way Spotify is developping itself. In case I am naive, it will leave a significant dent in my trust in Spotify, and streaming music services all together. After years of enjoying it does not only leave me without any music (that's calculated) but also with nothing but a bunch of useless hardware. You also might start wondering what is wrong with buying and keeping tracks in a way you fully are in charge. 


Please support of Spotify, if you are reading along, don't persue. It will be devastating for me, and probably a huge group of enthusiastic music lovers world-wide. In case you are not fully aware, the squeezebox community is more alive and kicking then ever.