Star and Save coexisting?

I used to star songs as a way to be able to, at a quick glance, see what were my favourite tracks on an album or in a playlist while scrolling through or just browsing around my playlists or artists profile pages. It used to be a fun and easy way to help myself remeber what tracks I liked. It used to be a great aid in remebering and (re)discover great music.

I used to. It used to.

Why can't Star and Save coexist next to each other?

Although the starred playlist is still there, it really doesn't do anything anymore now does it? I've longed for the Your Music feature for so long because I want to be able to save albums and actually have them sorted by artist in an easy and attractive way. But I think it was a big mistake removing the starring feature and thinking Your Music would replace it rather than compliment each other.

Updated on 2018-06-16

Hey there!


A similar idea has already been suggested here:

It has been discussed within the Spotify Team in charge and it has sadly been decided that this idea will not be implemented any time soon. However, Spotify will revisit those idea topics from time to time, so hopefully it will be implemented in the future. 😉

I can't even FIND Your Music. Is it available in the IPhone app? If so WHERE???
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I agree with keeping both starred and the "Your Music" options. I am also a premium member, and the function that originally convinced me to continue past the trial was the ease of saving music offline with stars quickly and easily. Here I offer a short description of why both are useful. They a separated temporally and they can work together in different ways. 


Starred - Stars served a dual purpose. Starring was a fantastically easy and fast way to tag music for offline listening, whilst at the same time showing you visually the tracks that you liked from an album or artist.  The colour here was just as important as the functionality. The new "+" is still grey and doesn't give you the same ease of use as the star. The keywords are EasyFastColourful. Stars I use as my "high rotation" playlist that is available offline. Stars in my use have a short term focus, and songs regularly slip in and out of my "high rotation list", the star made this so easy. It also means that you don't overwhelm your phone with too much music! I also love to follow the starred playlists of my friends who use spotify in this way too; it's a really great way to find new music and interact with those people whose music tastes you enjoy. 


Your Music - This is a great way to organise and track the music I love, it is also easy and fast to add tracks to the "Your Music" selection. As one user said, it is a really great way to understand the enormous amount of music available for me to listen to. But it is not conducive to saving offline; for me there will always be more music in "Your Music" than a Starred playlist. I want to be able to keep the Star for "High Rotation" offline use, and the Your Music for being able to have a complete collection that you can easily browse. 


A new idea in addition would be to add any starred track automatically to "Your Music" too (or vice versa). This would reduce the need for two buttons, but allow for the short term focus on the starred list. 

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Totally agree with this idea.


And sorry @JPili, but I disagree with: "Honestly, the Collection feature is the second iteration of the Starring feature. The only thing that Starring has and Collection doesn't is that you can't make the songs under Collection available offline."


To understand why, @lucysky summarizes all the explanations here:

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This is a good idea - I actually LIKE the fact that you can "Save" entire Albums and that they are available and listed as ablums in that tab - that is cool.


Making it more difficult for me to maintain my MAIN playlist... unforgiveable.


I will NEVER, EVER use Your Music.  MY music is Starred.


I don't care about starring for offline at all. So whatever you come up with to solve that for others is fine but doesn't address what I used star for. I want to be able to have a collection AND (please understand this!) I want to be able to mark which tracks I like. These are TWO DIFFERENT things! If you are NOT going to bring it back, I WILL be leaving eventually. I'm giving time for you to figure this out and bring it back. I'm using an older version 0.9.7. If you make this go completely away, you make me go completely away. Is it worth it? Do I need to move out of premium now to give you a signal? Really I want a 5-star system so I can rank tracks I would like to purchase. Tell that to your licensors. Yes, I eventually purchase tracks I like and I primarily use spotify to truly preview whole tracks. I use collections or playlist to save those tracks I wan to review. Do you get it yet? Closing a 1,100 post thread with 8 things you say you will do that DON'T address this doesn't satisfy me.

Status changed to: Not Right Now


Hey guys, at the moment this idea is "Not right now".


While we aren't looking into the return of the Star button, we are looking into making the save icon static indictors. These would then always show the saved status--no more hovering.


For updates check this idea: "Always show the saved check mark".

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I'm so freaking disappointed right now! This is a joke! You gotta be kidding me? Right!? Huh?


Showing the checkmark at all times solves the problem of the disappearance of the stars? You are kidding me, right? 


Tell me this - if I Save a couple of songs on an album those songs appear in my Your Music and that actually works as stars used to do, I'll give you that  at least. Then when I go and Save that entire album there's no way for me to tell which particular songs I like the most because, guess what, all the songs on that album now has checkmarks! How is that even remotley convenient or even user friendly? It's a mess! What good is it to me to see that every single song on an album is saved? It's clutter! Worse than ever before. What were you thinking? I want to see if I've saved an album or if I've checked a couple of songs I particularly like on an album, saved or not saved. How hard could that be?


This is a disaster and a kick in the balls for many Premium users. Yeah, actual paying customers, you like those don't you? Inovation is good. Evolution necessary. I'm fine with change. I encourage change. But removing features without notice and not giving a better option is not ok. That's just plain stupid and arrogant and you can tell yourselves you did the right thing and pigheadedly stick to it no matter what but it'll hurt you. My trust in you is hurt. You're hurting the ones who feed you.


I have a strong suspicion you simply recoded the star function into Your Music , though that's another story, but it would explain the utter unwillingness to roll back or even admit you got it wrong. I mean, nothing much else changed with "the big update", except now it's black and got some new typography. The desktop app is still the same as before, same layout, same navigation - it's all the same! Don't try to tell me otherwise. It's boring, faceless, impersonal and it lacks the stars... Well done, bravo.




Spotify has proven themselves over and over again that they can't grasp the concept of loved/starred/favourited tracks. They think that a collection of [some of] your music also equals a complete library and your loved tracks at the same time. When you bring it up they completely ignore it.

I'm not even going to bother anymore, with this update they've lost any respect I used to have for them. Over the summer I'll be looking into other services who actually cares for their different customers. Hopefully Spotify can come to their senses until then...

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I just realized that if you're running the app inside of Spotify you're actually allowed to star songs, which actually shows up in the Starred playlist, and you can even see which tracks have been starred.


You can love a song in the now playing view and then star it from the Loved tracks view on overview page, or star songs from the Recent tracks also on the oveviews page. This doesn't, however, solve my issue with the starring function dissapering, but it might be somewhat helpful for someone else so I thought I'd share the discovery. 


Please stars, come back home soon. We all miss ya!

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I wanna be able to 'star' or 'save' or 'add to playlist' with one tap. I usually star individual tracks and save whole albums so i'm really not sure why the three methods of saving music cannot coexist at the same time. oh and while we're at it, can we please bring back the swipe left to delete action in the star list??