Star multiple songs at once with a drag and drop


I often listen to half an album, pause, listen to something else, and then come back and listen to the end of the album.

So far I've been using the stars as a read/unread marker and it does a good job, even though it wasn't made for this.

But it's not convenient to star or unstar a song every time you listen to it. What I would appreciate is the possibility to star/unstar multiple following songs at once, with a short drag and drop in the stars column. It shouldn't be too difficult to develop.




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I certainly wouldn't knock this idea. It sounds like a good one to me. In fact, it's the kind of behaviour that you would actually expect.


While the idea isn't implemented, there is a way to star multiple tracks.


  1. Select 1st track
  2. Shift+click last track
    - Now you have a selection of tracks
  3. You can star them all by either
    a. Drag selection onto Starred icon
    b. Right-click and choose "Star"


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