Stop removing functionality - instead give us the option!

A similar thread was created and then closed even though it had plenty of kudos, so I will try to explain in detail my personal reasons for this request.


I find it strange that it is seen as a progression of the software when features are removed. Surely progression would be to give the user more control via an update, not take a feature away whether they like it or not. It seems that some of the community want these features removing, but the rest of us that have become accustomed to them or genuinely liked the initial design decisions are now suffering...


For example;


  • I can no longer minimize the Windows desktop app to the tray, it has to stay in the task bar now. For someone who has a lot of windows up at once, it was very useful. Now I am constantly closing the app by mistake and have found myself using the app less now it is an app I have to keep physically open all of the time.
  • The Andoid app no longer lowers volume for notifications. I am no longer able to use Google Maps and Spotify together as I can no longer hear the directions given by Google Maps. The music just carries on playing over the top of the directions. This is the worst when you're genuinely lost and cannot make out what Google Maps is saying.

I am not asking for these changes to be reverted, I'm asking to be given the option in preferences/settings. Instead of just outright removing them and annoying a good chunk of the paying customer base.


There are plenty more changes that the community have already voiced in other threads, but these are the biggest ones for me personally. I know it's not as easy as I am saying, but surely instead of just removing the functionality altogether it would be better to have a global setting along with the others that enables/disables the functionality?!




PS: Your forum doesn't highlight errors when submitting new ideas, the errors are in green! When a sites main colour is green, you cannot use the same colour to highlight an error!


Updated on 2017-05-31

Hi @kchoppin thanks for coming to the Spotify Community with your feedback. 


Whenever a Spotify feature is removed a considerable amount of data is taken into consideration. Often the features are used by less than 1% of our users, or we're updating the function altogether.


If you'd like to submit idea for the volume on notifications we can bring that specific request to our teams (the ability to minimize the app has already returned). However, it's impossible for us to promise that no functionality will ever be removed from Spotify again--we're constantly evolving to make the product better for all our users. 


Please continue to leave your feedback in the Idea Exchange in the form of comments and votes and we promise to keep bringing it to our internal teams. Thanks!

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I couldn't agree more, as probably all Spotify power users do.

As a matter of fact I've often questioned the Spotify staff about the very same issue.

Why can't there just be an option in the (advanced) settings to enable / disable a feature instead of completely erasing it from the app?


Here are some (more or less) reasonable answers I got from them:

  • It clutters the UI and makes it less "clean" / overwhelming
  • More functions make it a little more confusing for new / less tech savvy users to use Spotify's basic functions
  • Every option has to be tested before making an update => Slower updates
  • Their statistics have shown that only a (very) small amount of people use it

Bottom line. What might seem essential for us (Power) users on the forum might not be so for the vast majority of Spotify users.


Have to agree with the OP.  Stop crippling functionality.  I've been a subscriber for a year and a half and have seen more useful features disappear than improvements added.


The "more or less reasonable answers" are much less than reasonable:

  • It clutters the UI and makes it less "clean" / overwhelming
    Op suggests adding these to the advanced preferences screen.  There's not much on there to begin with and you wouldn't have to be very creative to rearrange the options to make it very user friendly and readable.  And if it's under advanced options, who cares if it's "overwhelming".
  • More functions make it a little more confusing for new / less tech savvy users to use Spotify's basic functions
    So take away functionality from your established user base to make it easier for new users?  Nice business model.
  • Every option has to be tested before making an update => Slower updates
    I haven't seen a single change improvement in the recent updates that I can't live without for a while if it means building on rather than replacing existing functionality.
  • Their statistics have shown that only a (very) small amount of people use it
    What sort of statistics would show that a person uses the reduced volume for notifications feature?  Or the "minimize to tray" feature?  I call shenanigans.

This thread is basically putting voice to my biggest frustration with the service over the last few years.  When I first subscribed, Spotify had just come out of beta so I assumed that the overly simplified set of options was just a temporary thing and that I would get more control over the behavior of the app as time went on and the team parsed what added functionality power users really wanted. Instead, I've seen the opposite occur.

They've constantly tweaked and updated to play to the lowest common denominator of their userbase and ignored sensible, useful requests from the established community in favor of the software equivalent of a pool noodle on the sharp edges of a backyard jungle gym.   Eventually if they keep "decluttering" the UI and focusing on making the app more visually clean instead of functional additions, then they'll inevitably end up with an app that's nothing but a window with a single button in the middle. Now, we all know how well that worked for Apple and the iPod shuffle, so I think that it's just a matter of time before Spotify hits their 3rd generation Shuffle moment and realizes that they should maybe listen to what their users actually want instead of statistics some marketing exec pulled out of the aether. 

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Removing features is dumb. If it's a matter of overwhelming, just put it in advanced options like anything else. If you want an example of something that went to **bleep** because they did stuff like that look up star wars galaxies.


Pretty much anyone that played that game will talk about how amazing it was and how terrible sony was for ruining it. Another example might be how a lot of people hate what google has done with youtube but still use it because that's what pretty much everyone else uses.

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This has been a big source of frustration to me too over the past couple of years -- and they've just done it again: removed the track total time and elapsed time fields from the progress bar on the now playing screen (at least on the IOS version); the space for the data is still there, but only used to display it for the first 3 SECONDS of play then it fades away.


When I look at the the above list of answers Spotify gives for why things are done this way, it really makes me wonder:


It clutters the UI and makes it less "clean" / overwhelming

    The UI displays track total and elapsed time when the track starts. There's no reason to remove it once the track starts playing.

More functions make it a little more confusing for new / less tech savvy users to use Spotify's basic functions

    This isn't a case of adding MORE functions; it's a case of REMOVING existing functionality

Every option has to be tested before making an update => Slower update

    This makes the least sense of all. They had to write new code and test it to make the times display for 3 seconds then disappear,

    coding and testing that would be completely unnecessary if they'd left a working feature alone.

Their statistics have shown that only a (very) small amount of people use it

    What statistics? There are no statistics that can record whether a user is LOOKING AT a data item on the screen. I could understand removing a feature if thousands of users have been complaining that they don't want to see how far into the song they are or how long the song is while it's playing, but I get the feeling they they're making these changes without any rational basis whatsoever.


This kind of behaviour makes Spotify appear like a very immature company. Their developers seem to be acting like a bunch of kids in a playpen, playing around with random things because they think it's cool to make changes and do things differently. Somebody obviously thought it would be cool to make the times disappear from the progress bar and just threw it in as a change without anybody there to question whether or not it made sense and whether changing such a basic feature would piss of their users.


I'm curious to see what Apple comes up with when they introduce their new music service. As a premium user, I'd go where I thought I was getting the best value and quality for my money. Up to now that's been Spotify, but if Apple comes up with a more polished, stable product for the same price I'd seriously consider switching.


I've given up Spotify a long time ago. Their software is a nightmare for a power user and I see no hope. Especially not as it seems the business is not going well. We can only hope they turn around and overhaul their software development.


How can I say such thing?


I've been a Spotify user since the start. The original software started out great, they made continuous improvements and additions. But then, at some point, it just started to degrade.


As updates was released features was removed and new bugs appeared. And many problems/bugs were there for several years without the software team doing anything about it.


It lack a lot of software 101. I mean, they removed the ability to filter? Why? And keyboard shortcuts. I don't have a list of everything, but there is so much that just makes you go "WTF?!". Many of times the software looks like a school project whereas fundamental functions are yet not implemented.


One of the reason I think the software is and has been primitive and limited is because they want to reach out to the noobs and people hopeless with technology (it may just be that they lack a vision). But the thing is, you don't need to limit software to make it easy to use and understand. And you don't need to deprive it of being powerful and advanced just because you want everyone to be able to use it. It comes down to smart UI design, where advanced featured does not mean 1337 buttons and a software GUI looking like an airplane cockpit. You need to smartly wrap powerful features into the UI and use shortcuts, hotkeys and hidden menus to appeal to power users.


Even the latest version has problems and still lack several fundamental key functions. I know this post is harsh, but it has been very frustrating to use their software. I mean, the mobile app for one, was for several years so stupid it would download playlist until it filled your storage. No pause button. No way of controlling when to stop. And when it did fill up your storage it would nag you about "storage full" every time you opened the app, and also while you were playing music. That's a really good example of how parts of the software is not complete. I don't know the state of this now, because I've stopped using the download feature.

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I don't know if we're supposed to link out to similar ideas, but this could help:


Anyone with any degree of common sense agrees with giving users options 100%.


I really don't understand why Spotify have thousands of experienced FREE consultants (i.e. Spotify users) and completely ignore them. It's absolutely blinkered and arrogant. The worst part of all is that we are never told WHY functions are removed, or WHY good ideas are not implemented. Arrogance again.


Sometimes I'm quite sad for the people who say that "Spotify is (that awful word) AWESOME!" If they understood just how great it COULD be they wouldn't say that so readily, but would join those of us who WANT it to be that good.





I am NOT an idiot. We are NOT idiots (well, mostly!). If we can get through life making our own decisions, we can sure as hell choose how we want to personalise Spotify settings to work best for us as individuals.


Oh... and if you want my money, first **(bleep)** LISTEN!

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Instead of completely removing certain features that some the community enjoys, why not just place all of these features that they decide shouldn't be a part of the main Spotify experience in the Advanced Settings of the Spotify client.




I have been a premium subscriber for years now, and I have slowly watched Spotify fall from this innovative feature-rich program to nothing more than a minimalistic indie program that poorly emulates and follows what other competition is doing in favor of their own ideas and features.

Some of the first to include the largest music library available for streaming, 320kb/s quality streaming, social features that connected musicians and fans alike unlike any other service, 


First, they removed Desktop Notifications, a system that was more responsive and accurate than even the most popular band-tracking services on the internet, as it was tied to the second that an artist uploaded their music into Spotify's Library. Now with over 100 pages of outcries from paid members exclaiming their appreciation for the feature, the developers are still reluctant to continue the feature.


The program lost support for all third-party plug-ins, many of which improved the service incredibly.


Then, we lost the nice visual display of album covers in rotation in the radio interface


Next, they dropped their deal with Musixmatch, promising paying customers that a new service was in the works, but nearly a year later now, and we haven't seen a hint of change or proof that a lyric service will ever return to the Spotify client.


Spotify seems to have lost their goal of trying to deliver a feature-rich powerful experience for all of their community, and have instead chose to simply develop their music player just enough to please their greatest common denominators rather than continue to improve the program or even maintain created features by utilizing the thousands of suggestions, feedback, and ideas from their most devoted users in the community who want nothing else than a greater music listening experience.


If you agree with anything I've elaborated on or if you too wish for Spotify to improve its communication with the community over features in the desktop client, let our voices be heard. Vote for this idea.