Streaming Movies and TV Shows on Spotify

You know with your motto "It's like piracy, but better, because the creator makes money," I really think you guys could turn a good profit on streaming movies and tv shows. You could partner with the rights holder to stream the specific content or setup an aggregator system where people can sell their own indie movies on Spotify. Sure, it would probably increase your server space, but the money being received from it could be much more than the cost of a few more servers and warehouses each month. Free users could watch with multiple ad breaks in between like on television, while premium or a slightly more expensive premium for movies and tv shows could watch without ad breaks. Maybe free users could watch in Standard Definition with ads and premium watch in HD without ads. Another option would be an option to pay for a movie to stream without ad breaks, that way it encourages users to either subscribe for all content or constantly pay for different movies they want to watch. In a way it would be similar to a movie theater, but online. I hope you consider it since most media selling platforms like iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon already sell movies and tv shows along with music, but you could be the first to stream it and be VERY successful. From a business standpoint, I only see one way of losing: if everyone just pirates from now on and forever, but that would put your music streaming out of business as well, so triple threat or just music? Your choice.

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Maybe you could try netflix?






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I do have a netflix subscription, but it doesn't release movies and tv shows right away. And they also delete some of the content if unviewed or unpopular. Watching TV shows and movies on demand right after they go off the air is something I would like to pay for. 



Maybe you could try netflix?





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