[Subscription] Bring back Student Discount for NUS

I'm sure I'm not the only one that is quite unhappy with the fact that they don't accept NUS cards anymore and have changed it to UNiDAYS. UNiDAYS is just for full time students at University and I do a lot of distance learning at home and it's a shame to miss out on discounts like this just because I'm not at University.

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I have the same issue... all last year I had my student discount with my NUS Apprentice card but when I went to renew this year I can't do it because the Apprentice card doesn't link to Unidays... very disappointed  😞


This is so stupid, I've had my student discount with you for 3 years and becuase I dont go to a proper uni I can now not have this 😞 

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Agreed it’s not fair I’m the same distant learner so is my partner and we can’t sign up for uni days 




I am distance learning a degree ontop of my job.


as it is distance, Unidays do not accept my course provider (KAPLAN)


this means i cant access the Spotify discount even through I am a student & have an NUS CARD super frustrating 




This is really poor from Spotify. My institution isn't allowed on UNiDAYS even though I am disatnace studying for a degree. Spotify should be encouraging people into education. Anything that adds an incentive to better yourself, get another qualification and support educational institutions ought to be expanded not stripped back. Very disappointed that Spotify have chosen to go down this route.


Agreed! I never even received any notification that it was no longer accepted, just moved straight onto full price Premium. Looking into other options now - not good enough!!


It's shameful. So studying part-time is effectively being set by Spotify as irrelevent regardless of the years of work involved, just so they can boost profits and no other reason. Bunch of crooks. 



I will have to leave Spotify if cannot use NUS.  Disappointing 


I will have to leave Spotify if cannot use NUS.  There are cheaper alternatives. Disappointing 

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