[Subscription] Bring back Student Discount for NUS

I'm sure I'm not the only one that is quite unhappy with the fact that they don't accept NUS cards anymore and have changed it to UNiDAYS. UNiDAYS is just for full time students at University and I do a lot of distance learning at home and it's a shame to miss out on discounts like this just because I'm not at University.

Updated on 2019-10-03

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I've been a premium spotify user for a long time, even before becoming a student, so am really dissapointed that I can't use my NUS card, even though I am a student. Have cancelled my premium subscription now.


So agree slowly they take away the Privileges.  Shocking fed up having to sign up to added extras and useless websites just to use something.  I won’t be signing up with unidays it’s another cope out.  These places never get it right.  Want your money though forget anything else.  **bleep**

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I recently posted about the same topic. It’s frustrating. I’ve since cancelled my premium subscription and use Spotify when I can bare the so called “30 minutes of ad-free music”. I now mostly use Prime Music, YouTube and my trusty vinyl collection. 


I paid £36 for a 3 year NUS card mainly for Spotify and didn't even receive a notice to say the fee was doubling in price, simply found out from my bank statement which I think is totally out of order. Surely a student is a Student? Are University students richer or are there just less of them in the Student population hence more profit for Spotify if they can afford to stay? Come on Spotify, play fair!!


I agree, why has this been done? 😞

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The removal of NUS is a joke. I have been a premium paying member of Spotify for 5 years, using my NUS student discount for some of those. I come to renew this March and have been told to register through UniDays. I AM A PAYING MEMBER OF NUS, I don't WANT to use UniDays! I have my NUS card for another coupld of years before the course runs out, so as an adult student registering for multiple student memberships is annoying, pointless and sometimes difficult without access to .ac.uk emails. So please PLEASE, for the sake of your long term paying members PLEASE return to allowing NUS mermbers to use spotify permium. I don't care if you offer both services, just don't eliminate half of the student population!


I would agree with this, it seems a bit of a disconnect as NUS is what most organisations will take when accepting you as a student whereas Unidays is alot more limiting in what it accounts will take and the scenarios students are in.


Spotify are a absolute Joke and all the Admins that work for them. Cunts... . They**bleep** about it being super easy to sign up to unidays when it's not possible for hundreds of thousands of students.... Bring back Nus 


I agree why should a certain type of student be singled out!!


Are Spotify really just ignoring this?


There are a lot of students who are moving over to Amazon like myself because of this.