[Subscription] Discount for High School Students

Status: Case Closed
I think it's really cool that college students get discount for spotify but it would be great if high school students could get the same thing , it would be amazing to being playing music wherever we want for a low price and since I find spotify better than pandora. $5 is extremely affordable for high school students and a lot would sign up for that price if that was an option

Updated on 2018-02-07

Hey folks! We appreciate all the feedback you've given us around giving High School students a Spotify discount. We absolutely want High School students to be able to enjoy a discounted Premium. That's why we've launched the discounted Family Plan--6 accounts for 14.99. We don't have plans for a standalone high school discount now that we have this great offer for families.


There also isn't a current way to verify attendance at a high school the way we can for college/ university students. It's for those reasons that we're marking this as 'Case Closed'. Of course should this change in the future we will let you all know via the News section of our website:

Status changed to: New Idea

Pretty unlikely this will be implemented as Spotify's business strategy is up to them, but we'll see what they think when they see the idea!


Anthony 🙂

This won't and probably shouldn't happen. I would say 98% of high school kids aren't paying bills and use their parents credit cards for online purchases (like spotify) anyways. College students get discounts because there are many out there who aren't still being supported at home and they make crap for money and still need to buy text books. I think the better argument is for spotify to hurry up and make a family plan that can have 4 or 5 users for $20/month.

YES PLEASE! I'm in high school with a premium account, but sadly this is my last month. There's no possible way I can keep paying $10/ month. My parents don't pay for it.


I completely agree, I am a 10 grader and I work, I couldn't use spotify premium because its ten dollars and I only make so much per month. and no my parents dont support me on things I want. So it would be the greatest thing you ever change if you do, I think there will be lots of high scholar's who would join.


New Kata, it is ridiculous that you say that. Sure some kids do use their parents credit cards, but there is no way you can make a generalization about ALL highschool students. Most kids actually get their first real job sometime during their highschool years and begin to have their own money. As for 98%, where did you get that number from? I can tell you for sure that it is quite incorrect So next time you want to use data in a post then please don't pull it out of your ass... 

Such a good idea

 I agree, I would subscribe to this.

I am 17 and currently attending highschool as a senior.


I agree 100% $9.99 per month is kind of steep when you have a $9.10 /h job and paying for gas/insurance/food/housing/etc... I don't have anything handed to me at all. Sure my parent's will buy me a see's candy once in a while, but I am paying for most of my things now. My job pays for ~~ 90% - 95% of my necesities. that would leave me short. 


Here is a pitch:


Mind of a teenager ~ 10 dollars per month would add up to 120$ per year I use this.... that's a problem.

-after the fact-

Mind of a teenager ~ $5 per month!! omg that's only $60 per year! sure I'll pay for that.


Honestly I would garentee you my 5$ per month if I had access to premium. $10 is just too much.


I can tell you that I know many highschoolers who would agree with my point and say that the sales would be exponential.


talking business:

I would expect (based on comments and suggestions from friends and information of who I know as a highschool would also subscribe) expecting 30,000 highschoolers per small state and 50,000 highschoolers per large state.


currently to me it seems only 5,000 or 10,000 highschoolers per state own spotify. (most people lie about information on "free sites")



This is so true. I am a highschooler and I have a job that pays about what @kaosz said and $10 a month is just too much. I was subscribed to Spotify Premium, but it was just adding up and I had to stop. If I could get Spotify Premium for $5 a month as a high school student I would in a heartbeat with no second thought.