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I think it's really cool that college students get discount for spotify but it would be great if high school students could get the same thing , it would be amazing to being playing music wherever we want for a low price and since I find spotify better than pandora. $5 is extremely affordable for high school students and a lot would sign up for that price if that was an option

Updated on 2018-02-07

Hey folks! We appreciate all the feedback you've given us around giving High School students a Spotify discount. We absolutely want High School students to be able to enjoy a discounted Premium. That's why we've launched the discounted Family Plan--6 accounts for 14.99. We don't have plans for a standalone high school discount now that we have this great offer for families.


There also isn't a current way to verify attendance at a high school the way we can for college/ university students. It's for those reasons that we're marking this as 'Case Closed'. Of course should this change in the future we will let you all know via the News section of our website: https://news.spotify.com/

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Here's why there needs to be a high school discount: The kids in high school right now are some of the first to have their lives fully revolve around technology. Many current high schoolers have had iPhones for 5 years now. Along with being immersed in a phone, they listen to music. A lot. I'm not sure when the last time Spotify had a look inside of a high school was, but I know that at mine, 1 of every 3 students ALWAYS has headphones in. In addition, that goes up to 2 out of 3 once you get into class and the teacher gives free time to work on an assignment. With that being said, at a lot of schools, like mine, there is no cell reception. Meaning that I can't listen to music, because I don't have premium, and can't listen offline. Along with that, my school is in a town where the majority of people don't have a lot of money. Unlimited music for $5 a month would be a blessing to millions of kids around the world. It's not just helpful when studying, but it can help people get through tough times. Spotify of all companies should know that music is more than just sound. It has meaning. High school is all about finding out who you are and what your meaning is. Music helps with that, a lot. Yeah, sure, college does as well. But the fact is, is that high school kids listen to just as much music as college students. College kids were once high school students. Coincidence?
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Yes, I agree. I'm a highschool student who happens to pay for my own needs. I unfortunately cannot pay the $10 a month, however I love Spotify! I would totally pay the $5 a month....
Work at chic fil a 8$ an hour, am currently in high school helping parents with bills gas grocerys etc. Pay for my own things (visa) This would really be great if spotify had a high school 5$ plan :/
Yes. My $.99 Spotify is ending like tomorrow or something and $10 per month is way too much. I absolutely love Spotify Premium because I use Spotify almost everyday is said about 5-7 times a week. I also mostly use it on my phone. But the student discount is only for college students! That's not fair. I'm in middle school, 8th grade. Spotify needs to change the price. Even $7.50 a month would be better. $10 is too much I think though.

Like most people in the comments, I am a junior in high school. I recently opened a bank account and deposit a small amount of money, which I worked and saved up, in it, and that where spotify gets my $9.99/ month from. Before that, I use other apps like kuguo or youtube to listen to music, but after using spotify for a few months, I " fell in love " with it, it's perfect and easy to use. The only flaw of spotify is that it is overpriced in my opinion, why does it cost $9.99/ month when netflix cost $7.99 and you can WATCH TV shows/ Movies on it. And why do they only offer college students half price? Most people start their first job around high school, for me it was age 10, and we only make the minimum wage (or less sadly). For me, spotify is not the only company that is taking money out of my bank, there is gas, food, clothing, and car payments, it is already difficult to work while keeping up with school activities. High school students deserve the same treatments with the college students because we are pretty much the same. And thank you for reading this comment.


yo would be so hype if spotify would do high school discount cause i am freshman



Although I am also in high school, and would love for spotify to offer $4.99/month for high schoolers, looking at it from a business stand point for Spotify it wouldn't work. Consider this: Most high schools in the United States or anywhere for that matter don't have student email addresses. Therefor, Spotify could not verify that you are indeed in high school (or middle school), allowing other people who aren't students to get Spotify for the $4.99/month pricing. I also do agree that $9.99/month is a bit much, but because spotify is offering the music for free to so many other people, and also aren't necessarily getting the music for free themselves (keep in mind, they have to get the rights from the artists) it isn't like the artists are like, "here take our music for free!"... But anyways, this is just my opion, thinking from a standpoint of which the executives of Spotify probably are. Besides those facts, great idea! I would love to see if they could find a way to implement the idea! But, just sit and think for a moment :)

I'm a junior in high school. I have 2 jobs and don't make neirly enough to justify the 10 a month or 120 a year. I have a car that I have to pay for with my 2 jobs where I get minimal hours at work and make minimum wage which in Vermont is only 9.15 (which may be a lot for other states) but it's not enough. That's like paying for an hour of work. In my high school each student has either a laptop or an iPad provided by the school and teachers encourage us to listen to music during test and things. There's about 1500 kids in my school and the same amount in the middle school next door which would happily pay 5 a month over 10
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Updated: 2015-11-05

Hey everyone, Spotify Staff here. We definitely agree that a Spotify discount for high school students is a great idea. Please continue to leave your kudos here and we'll update you if we have any news about this here. Thanks for bringing your great ideas to the Community.


I am also a high scool student who loves to listen to music. I recently turned 15 and have a job however, it would be so much more realistic for a high school student to pay for Spotify Premium with a discount such as the one provided for college students.