[Subscription] International Student Discount (via ISIC)

Spotify currently have student discount in the UK and US, which entitles students to 50% off the cost of Spotify Premium. As a UK student, this is great for me but I feel it is a little unfair on students in all of the other countries which have Spotify. There are plenty of ideas about bringing student discount to loads of different countries, but I don't get why Spotify doesn't take the easy route and partner with ISIC.


For anyone who doesn't know about International Student Identification Card:







Lots of other big companies already use ISIC to verify student status in 133 countries!:


So Spotify, what do you say!?

Updated on 2018-06-16


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Wouldn't it be much easier to verify student status by a university's email address? Amazon, for instance, does that and it works just fine. I personally don't know anyone who has an international student ID assuming they're not as popular in some countries.


Its not fair that only US and UK students get discount.. I have ISIC card.. Latvia, all Europe say ''YES!''.


In Germany it is also possible to have this discount, but not in Italy for example. It shouldnt be that difficult to prove you are a student.

Sporify needs to let this chance spread all over europe and the whole world!


Poland checking in as well! Make it available through ISIC, .edu.pl e-mails, student card scan, whatever you choose, but it's only fair if you treat all students the same, regardless of their nationality ;)


 I can't get the student discount because of my age on facebook, however, i changed my birthday on facebook yet spotify still won't allow it


This would be really good! I paid extra to get the ISIC card so i can use it if i ever go to exchange, but this would be more profitable use of it! This would be a handy way of ID:ing students.

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Updated: 2016-01-07

Hey everyone. We don't have plans to give a discount for students with the ISIC card at the moment. Should this change at any point we will definitely let you all know. Thanks!

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I support this.


Great idea, as an Austrian student I cannot get the student's discount, very disappointing at the moment...

Casual Listener

Really cool idea! Thanks for sharing. Spotify,you simply cannot ignore such a bunch of enthusiastic students.....