[Subscription] Plan for those going off-grid more than 30 Days

I see a number of other people have run into this problem: they're going to be away from wireless for more than 30 days, so their offline music can't be accessed, even while paying for a Premium account.  I'd gladly pay that price if I knew I'd have access to my playlists while I'm gone.  Give us a work-around, please!

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I have just gotten back from deployment and many people i was with including myself use spotify on a daily basis for music. We are all paying users and have been for years and with that are able to create playlists for offline use. But being on a submarine with no internet connection our playlists get canceled after 30 days and we were about to lose our minds because that is the only thing keeping us sane. And it is unfair to keep being charged for it while we can not even use it. Is there any way for military users that this does not happen again.  I pay for my music and this is unfair for us that do and the people that don't pay do not have to worry about theirs going away.


-Jeremy Hendricks



The 30 day limit is a pain, the very reason I switched to Apple Music who don't have any time limit. And not only that they also don't have the maximum 3 device limit. 


Any update on this? I too will not have access for months at a time and am hoping it wont be an issue

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still waiting spotify


Almost all my division is currently using your service, is gonna be our first deployment but they are about to cancel subscription because you guys didn't resolve this anymore. Hopefully soon you guys can support the troops who really need your support to mentally be focus and not stress out in the middle of the ocean. We are still waiting for you Spotify! 


Still no response? I guess they just want me to cancel.


Same issue here, but not many solutions offered up for this so lets try this one. They keep pushing us back down because well, frankly, theres so few of us that it actually effects, so nobody will vote for it.


But instead heres some possible solutions.


The root of where we start should be the rationale of why they disconnect at 30 days in the first place. Which is for 2 reasons...


First and foremost its to verify membership. Easy... I had the same idea as the rest of us did... I can easily pre-pay for those months I will be away... Now Spotify has positive confirmation that this guy is in fact a member for the next 6 or so months. 


Second.. Artists royalties... Artists are 100% entitled to their royalties I dont think there is any arguement to this. But if you are going to disconnect me at 30 days what good is it going to do them past that 30 days... absolutely none. You only have a finite amount of music that you get access to for your deployments. Obviously steel tubes under water are not good when it comes to cellular reception...If they have a means to track what you are playing already on a normal basis... then they should also have a means to track what you have on your phone to begin with when you go off the grid... That being said my proposal is that, regardless of how many times you play it a base payment for the song royalties per month for what you have on your playlist to begin with, then when you re-connect to the grid they can assess the usage and send the artists a bigger chunk of money for the music that was used. Now on a six month deployment artists are still getting 5 more months of money they wouldn't have gotten had my music been turned off at 30 days... 


Idea might need a little tweeking but instead of just complaining it happens we can at least work out a feasible solution that works  so that someone whom doesn't have any clue what actually happens to us doesn't have to think of one for us....



A little Feedback would be nice Spotify...


What's the status on this? How can I listen to music while deployed but without an active internet connection for several months?