[Subscription] Spotify for Company Employees

Our Company would like to request a "Spotify for Company Employees" subscription option.


More and more of our employees use Spotify at work to listen to songs at their workstation during their workday.


As supporters of this, our Company wants to easily be able to order and pay for Premium subscriptions in bulk, at an agreed upon Corporate rate, so as to easily offer a Premium Spotify account as a benefit/perk to all of our Company's employees.


Spotify for Company Employees would work like Spotify for Families does - just with a large number of family members.


A single admin or "parent" account (owned by the Company) would control a section within their Account profile that easily allows employees to be added to the list (as new employees join the Company) or removed from the list (when employees move on from our Company to another opportunity).


We believe that listening to music at work is very beneficial for our employees, and improves and promotes a positive company culture.


We sincerely hope this subscription option becomes available in the near future and eagerly await any updates on this matter.

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Thanks for offering your opinion @alexChalkie.


1. Net speeds:

- Our employees are already using a combination of their own Spotify Premium accounts, free accounts, and Youtube to listen to music while at their workstation. Our network is holding up with no serious issues 🙂


2. Productivity:

- Working in tech, most of our time is spent at workstations with headphones on (see: above). Feedback from our pool of users reports that listening to music while working improves their mood, sharing "Now Playing" songs via our company Slack channel makes our team feel more engaged with each other, and music tastes and choices provide points of discussion within the team allowing our team to bond over a common interest. We've found these factors to have positive effects on our team, hence why we would like to offer this service as a Company benefit - giving something back to our team to show we appreciate them.


3. Employee interaction:

- Music is just one part of our Company culture, that we are constantly trying to improve and strengthen. We make sure to spend time talking, sharing ideas, and collaborating - arranging small, medium, or large scale events aimed at more "real world" interaction, so this part is covered too.


4. System abuse:

- We do not want to abuse any system, hence we are going through the proper channels to request a feature like this. We believe a subscription model like this is an extension/scale-up of the existing Spotify for Families option. We do not want to work around the existing limitations and abuse the system, and are instead formulating a polite request for Spotify's consideration.


5. Legal issues:

- I believe that is up to Spotify's legal team to consider. Given, however, the preexisting model of Spotify for Families, whereby a single address (a Home) validates the usage of five licenses (the Family) managed by one Parent-Admin account I believe there are legal grounds for extending this model to: a single address (a Company) is invoiced for an agreed upon amoun of licenses (one per employee) managed by one Admin account (the Company) for easy administration. Spotify sends the Company a single invoice, the Company pays their invoice, and the Company sends this invoice to Expenses.


Thanks for your comments! Have a great day.


Great response, thanks!


1. There is no way Spotify can be sure that every company requesting this will not have speed problems.  In fact, if you check with router manufacturers, banning web radio is a top feature.

2. So you admit you are all wasting company time sharing playlists etc, eh?

3. If a company wants to use Spotify as a perk they can bulk buy coupons or subscriptions for employees

4. The system abuse can be on many levels.  Either people faking being a company to get a better price or companies using it as a perk and then claiming you are teleworking and need it at different locations too, etc, etc.

5. Spotify clearly is not interested in focusing in corporate use.  This is why they don't have a commercial policy to speak of for restaurants or stores.  Other companies do that sort of thing.  Why?  Because few are willing to pay for it! 


 Hi again Alex! Great to hear the opposite side of the argument. Some thoughts on your reply:


1. I believe that's a question companies can and should take care of themselves. It will need to be a consideration that they responsibly address, but this does not affect Spotify or this feature request directly.


2. There's nothing to admit, as we do all this in the open and transparently, with the support of Management (who also uses Spotify 🙂 )


3. This workaround was already suggested to us by Spotify Support however, as I am certain Spotify is aware, buying individual coupons or licenses for hundreds of employees is a logistical nightmare. Hence why we are requesting an easy way to manage and distribute the licenses as a perk.


4. I have full confidence that Spotify's product design and development team will consider all the ways the system could possibly be abused and create a system of checks and balances to make sure that each case is a legitimate case. They follow a similar verification process both for Spotify for Families and Spotify for Students. As previously mentioned, they would have to extend their existing models of mass distribution and user case validation to include organizations.


5. I believe Spotify can best tell us what they are or are not interested in 🙂 A feature currently not existing does not mean that feature shall never exist - that's what community forums and feature requests are for. As for part b. of your point, restaurants and stores, Spotify already partners with https://www.soundtrackyourbrand.com/ to provide legal, licensed, music to be enjoyed in common areas such as lobbies, restaurants and cafes. So there too they have been able to provide a solution. 🙂 We are merely asking them to consider a different solution for a different use case.


6. A brief search for Spotify's corporate values and beliefs brings up the following results:




Innovative - Collaborative - Sincere - Passionate - Playful


I believe this request encompasses the spirit of all five of the above values, as well as their mission statement that "Our mission is to unlock the potential of human creativity—by giving a million creative artists the opportunity to live off their art and billions of fans the opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by it."


Our team also uses music to unlock their potential creative energy and find inspiration. We are requesting a legal method to gift this energy to our workfroce, and so that our legally paid invoices can help support Spotify and the millions of artists that host their music on the platform.


Dude, if you don't work in Marketing, you are WASTED.


Spotify, make what this man is asking for because if he turns his considerable communication skills against you, you are toast!


We believe that listening to music at work is very beneficial for our employees, and improves and promotes a positive company culture.

Yes and even productivity. So I'm all in for this


Thanks for the support!




I relly think the idea is a good one and I'll be happy to propose such thing to my company at least for my team!
I'm sure they will be happy! 


Thanks @frenke for the support! We're excited to see more and more people agreeing with this idea, and we hope it spreads enough to catch the attention of the Spotify team: we're hoping to offer this benefit/perk to our entire company/team as soon as we can, and really hope the Spotify team is listening 🙂