[Subscription] Spotify for Company Employees

Our Company would like to request a "Spotify for Company Employees" subscription option.


More and more of our employees use Spotify at work to listen to songs at their workstation during their workday.


As supporters of this, our Company wants to easily be able to order and pay for Premium subscriptions in bulk, at an agreed upon Corporate rate, so as to easily offer a Premium Spotify account as a benefit/perk to all of our Company's employees.


Spotify for Company Employees would work like Spotify for Families does - just with a large number of family members.


A single admin or "parent" account (owned by the Company) would control a section within their Account profile that easily allows employees to be added to the list (as new employees join the Company) or removed from the list (when employees move on from our Company to another opportunity).


We believe that listening to music at work is very beneficial for our employees, and improves and promotes a positive company culture.


We sincerely hope this subscription option becomes available in the near future and eagerly await any updates on this matter.

Updated on 2021-05-20

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**bleep**, that would be quite awesome.


Thanks for the support @Phantis!




Hi There! 


I think this is a great idea, but I think instead, there should be a discount. I also agree with what the other comments that are below, are good points. 




Hi @katiek_!


Thanks for your support! Most definitely the business model is in Spotify's hands to decide upon, however we're glad that you agree that the request for a delivery/mangement to allow Companies to easily offer Premium as a benefit to their Employees en-masse is reasonable and has value, both for Spotify and the Companies that would want to participate in such a plan.






I hope this idea actually gets implemented! 


@katiek_ It would be great to hear from some from the Spotify team to see what they think about this idea, hopefully as the votes slowly start to come in someone will take notice! Our Company is still in favour of offering this benefit to its employees, and we'd love to hear some feedback on the feasability/likelihood of this being implemented in the future!



I fully agreed with gappap

hen i asked for this couple of weeks ago, Ive got same answer... to workaround with mutiple family accounts.
Due count of our users this wouldbe nonsece for us.
I dont even want better price, we just need this for easier administration of accounts and payments.
We want it also as company benefit. 

Is there any change to get this idea to live?

With Regards,
Tomas Popov


Thanks @TomasPopov for the positive feedback and support!


I completely agree with you that what interests our organization most is not a discount but an easy and intutive system that can be easily managed and updated by an "admin"/"owner" account. As an admin user, we want to be able to easily add the email addresses/accounts of new hires/remove accounts of employees who move on to other opportunities; from a list of "inside the family" accounts: and then receive a single monthly invoice that our Company covers directly without the fidly and ineffective workaround of multiple family account or handing out gift cards every month [Note: Spotify giftcards aren't even available in our region at the time of writing...]


It would be great to hear from Spotify on this topc, at least an acknowledgement of the viability of such a feature.


Upvotes are ticking in at a decent rate, more users are agreeing that this model would be a great fit for their Organization's culture... It would be nice to at least receive an indication of the plausability of this being implemented...

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