Suggest similar artist from current playing song and playlists

When i log into Spotify (desktop version) I'm shown the "What's new" album wheel. But these new albums rarely relate to my taste in music, actually they are often the complete opposite of what I like.


Instead i would appreciate album related news that revolve around my playlists.


I'm surprised to find that I have to install an app like Filtr to achieve an effect that only comes close to a "Similar artist" function - and Filtr only works as "radio station".


I would love if Spotify had a feature that suggests similar artists related to the track i'm listening to - while i'm listening to it.


Why? Because discovering new artists feels like christmas and it's vital to artists to be discovered.


So, please make my Spotify experience more personal - Help me discover new awesome music!


P.S. I couldn't care less about what my friends listen to - Taste is individual.



This idea has already been suggested here:

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