Support Samsung Keyboard on Smart TV Spotify App

The app on the Samsung Smart TV is great, but the Samsung Smart TV supports remote keyboard, remote iPad apps, Android apps, bluetooth keyboard etc,.  None of these will work with the Spotify app as it looks like you are using your own on screen keyboard instead of the Smart TV / Samsung API one.  This is really irritating as I can navigate and use all functions on my Smart TV with these apps/keyboard but then get into spotify and have to go back to trying to navigate with the on screen keyboard only.



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Updated: 2015-11-17


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Yes, this is indeed a crippeling aspect of the Smart View-app.


Would love to see this feature in a future update.  The Spotify App was the sole reason I bought a K400 wireless keyboard/mouse combo for my TV... Now it turns out I can't use it and have to manually enter searches, which is a bit of a hassle using the remote.

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Would be a great improvement


How about support for Samsung Smart TV keyboard VG-KBD1500?

It's possible to navigate in the menu but not input any characters while searching for songs.


Samsung TV UE46ES6535

Spotify version 1.009.


Please, make it possible using a remote keyboard on the Samsung app from Spotify. I am also using the bluetooth keyboard VG-KBD1500 from Samsung as well. It was ons of the reason why I bought myself a bluetooth keyboard whereas I am using Spotify a lot.





I couldn't agree more! Being able to use Spotify on my Smart TV is awesome, and one of the reasons that convinced me to buy a Smart TV, but the use of the app is still very limited without the ability to type in text easily for searches. It would go to a completely different level if a remote keyboard could be used with the app.




True words. Just got my K400 for the Samsung TV and was dissapointed to see that spotify doesn't support keyboards in any way. This would be a great improvement in usability.

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Keyboard Support is Essential.

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Please fix this, there is no point in buying a Samsung keyboard for your Smart TV and having to use the remote to input text. It shouldn't be hard for you to fix!

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Yes please for the love of god.. add this support... doing searches with remote control is a pain in the ass..  or are we suppose to finish all the playlists on the computer just to load the playlist on our Smart TV then you could just remove search from the app.. but better fixing support for keyboard 😉