Synchronized playback between multiple devices

We need a feature that will allow us to have synchronized playback from the same account across multiple devices simultaneously. This would allow for seamless transitions between rooms or floors that have speakers hooked up to different devices. It would especially be nice at parties so that there is musical continuity between all the rooms. It would also be good for when you leave your house you can just slap your headphones on and continue from where it was playing in your house. 


Example: I have a computer in my room and speakers in my kitchen. When I do chores, I often go back and forth between the rooms and It would be rocking if both rooms were playing the same music at the same time. 


I agree, when I'm out mowing the grass or in the gym, my wife would like to listen to our playlists.  For the price we are paying we should get at least two devices at once.   

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The idea of having multiple devices play the same music simultaneously has been eluded to in another topic with a better description and it needs more attention and kudos:


"All devices become one sound system":


Please visit this topic and give it some kudos so it gains attention. It is more than simply having a "remote".