Tabs with different types of albums on an artist page.

Would it be possible to have different tabs at the top of an artist page referring to "studio albums", "live albums", "greatest hits/collectors albums", "singles" etc.


This way it would be much easier to find the types of albums that are relevant for you.

Update: This idea has been submitted again here:


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Apparently people don't want this, which to me is unfathomable 🙂 I think the scrolling is pretty irksome as it is now. Go to the artist page of a major artist, and you will scroll your brains out trying to find stuff.


Good example is The Rolling Stones with a whole lot of studio albums and all kinds of compilation and live albums. And then it really doesn't help that the scrolling is slow (because of loading content) and that release dates are nonsense re-release dates. So here are a bunch of problems I believe.

1. An alternative to tabs could be a section with smaller album thumbs on the top for quicker access.
2. Also could be considered more and better caching for revisited artist pages to improve the usabililty of it?


I added an idea yesterday, which' status has been changed to duplicate of this idea, I'll just post it here as well:


I would find it helpful if shortcuts/buttons would be added to the top of an artist 'overview' page that take you directly to the 'Singles' or 'Featured on' sections of an artist's 'overview' page. Right now, when a band has a long list of albums, you have to scroll a long way down to get to the 'Singles' or 'Featured on' sections.


It would be convenient if you can simply click a button/hyperlink and be taken there in an instant instead of having to scroll all the way down.


Another solution could be to add a hide/expand option to each section. For instance, when you would hide the Albums section, it automatically takes the Singles section to the top of your screen and excessive scrolling is not needed.


I'm curious to see what others think about this idea.

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This is a great suggestion.  Right now, I have to use Wikipedia to figure out which are studio albums, live albums, etc.  It's not a huge deal, but it sure would save time and effort to have that information on the Spotify artist page.  Well done Kim!

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similar to my idea 😄


hello Spotify team


my issue is the following: i think is extremely annoying to random songs of a specific artits and to listen for the same song multilple times (cause is included, other than into the original album, also into the "spotify top 10", in the greatest hits, in compilations, in singles.. and also live versions or remastered versions).


woudl be possible somehow to have "cleared" artists songs list and albums, but only with the first original release of each artist song?


thanks in advance

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I'm suprised similar funtion has not yet been implemented into the software! Like most of you wrote, scrolling down those huge lists of songs/albums to come down to singles can be somewhat timeconsuming.



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Don't care about studi or live albums, just make it easy to go to singles when there are 20+ albums.


I have to agree, I strongly dislike sifting through 800 albums, esp for artists like Bob Dylan who have hundreds of songs on 50 albums where a lot of the tracks are repeated on greatest hits albums. It would be amazing to have a tab that would separate the Studio Albums from Live Albums or Compilation Albums. 

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I agree there should be a feature that at least allows you to go down to the start of the singles section. Sometimes a new single hasn’t made its way into the popular section yet, and it sucks scrolling through an entire discography to finally get to the singles section in order to play the new song.