Tagged Song Added to Spotify

I follow some different blogs (indieshuffle, hypetrak etc) and often go there to get introduced to new songs and easily browse through and see what I like.


When I find a song I like however, I search Spotify to add it to my playlists and it isnt on Spotify yet. Quite often I then write it down on some paper to search at a later date to see if it gets added and more than often I forget about it and it slips by.


I would be keen for a feature where you can tag some key words of a song which isnt available yet (track name and or artist) and when Spotify adds it (or even something similar that matches your tags) you get a notification that it is now availbale for download.


Searched on a few tags in this "new ideas" list and could find anyone else with this...

Hello! As Carina mentioned, a similar idea has also been suggested here:

Add your kudos and comments there please! ;)

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