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I'm sure I'm like a lot of people where I don't touch a lot of the pages that appear on the left list. Some of these are: Browse, Activity, Discover, Radio, Follow, Messages, entire "Your Music" section. All these combined with my 14 playlists + Starred, I have a scrollbar even if I have a small Play Now artwork (and I like it large) and I really don't like scrollbars.


What I'm proposing is in the options, a section to turn off pages. If a section has no active pages, it won't display at all (including the title).


My main reason behind this is because I really do not like going from Top Lists/Play Queue and having to scroll down to my playlists. I also have a 1920x1080 monitor so it's not screen size.

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This idea has already been submitted here:


And here for a similar idea:


Feel free to add Kudos and comment to show your support! It has been marked as 'Not Right Now' however that doesn't mean Spotify won't come back to it.

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