Too much Ads!

Ads on the PC/Windows version are to repetitive and to much, visual ads aren't that annoying, unless you make them move... Wait you done that too? Anyway, Audio ads are too frequent and I see them as pointless in most cases as it 30 seconds that will tell you how to make a playlist, but it already shows you how to do it when you first use it? And when you play 3 ads after every 2 songs, that is even more annoying, and sometimes it'll be the same ad twice in a row... I know it's how you make money, but seriously? I'm tempted to going back to the old way of saving saving songs into my YouTube favorites, less ads, and their is a wider range of songs! Have more visual ads for all I care, and if you're going to have two ads sections, make sure it doesn't make me click on something I don't want to by it moving/changing over ads, I've done that more times than enough already! 

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This idea will reflect the request for more visual ads instead of audio ads.

I definitely agree. It's especially ridiculous when I get the same 3 ads over and over again, and usually for music of a genre I never play. Spotify might consider targeted ads. I mostly listen to metal and progressive rock and it keeps sending me ads for pop and hip hop, which is offensive to my ears. Spotify might consider targeted ads as well.

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