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We need transparency on how and why streams are filtered and what metrics are used in such process, especially as many suspect that there could be error or manipulation on behalf of Spotify. It is our right as paying customers to know where our streams go.

Updated on 2021-05-31

Thank you for your idea. This has been shared with the appropriate teams.


This is in regard with the idea of bringing more transparency in understanding Spotify's system as paying consumers, premium spotify users cannot loop even after paying for an account. If a user is deemed verified and human to make a payment, why cannot they loop and still get their streams counted? What is the functionality of the loop button really?

Therefore, there can also be a method Spotify can introduce to make the streaming experience more transparent to paying members, as this is an important need.

I also feel that spotify needs to provide more clarity about data with regard to filteration of streams. Especially through paid accounts, as paying consumers we deserve to know why the artists we support have their streams filtered.

Some of the ways Spotify can make this experience more satisfactory to paying customers is by:

a) Setting a limit for filtering streams(songs  facing more than 40 percent filtration should be able to be questioned for basis for the same as an example) and providing clear metrics for counting of streams.

b)Allowing premium users freedom to stream fully, by using loop option.

c) Allowing verification methods prior to streaming into that reduces the probability of bot behaviour by introducing captcha or other methods.

d)Allowing premium members better benefits, such as prioritizing their streams to be subject to lack of filtration compared to non paid accounts.


Looking forward to a favorable response, people previously have been told that spotify cannot release data on its system due to fear of manipulation. However, that is a lackluster, poor response that continues to deny paying consumers the truth about their streams. 





If you cannot provide us with the exact algorithm used to filter out "real" streams from fake ones, please change your algorithm. 


I suggest you add explicit user verification when a stream gets flagged as a bot-stream. If a user confirms e.g. via CAPTCHA that they are in fact human, their streams should count for another period of time, when new suspicious behaviour might require another verification. 


It is unfair to artists and their listeners to discriminate streams on behalf of what an algorithm considers "proper streaming".


Please give your customers back their explicit control and knowledge of how they are supporting their favourite artists. 


Yeah If Im a premium user it's supossed that Im a human ...I still have to see a robot with a credit card, but hey if you also need a ss of my ID Im willing to send it too, that way you will see that im not...a martian bot streaming in a garage. When I like a song (and thats happens a lot cause I like people with impecable discography)  I like to loop the song and hearing to my heart content but if i play the song 3 times in a loop my stream will not count and my artist will receive only the money for one. Nope , 


Exactly!!! I'm not paying a monthly subscription to be called a bot and have my streams filtered.


I’m really wondering the point of having a premium account at the moment. I want to support the artists I love, but at the moment there is no transparency to confirm my streams are actually doing that. 

  1. Definitely! If I'm paying, I should be able to loop a song I enjoy, and have it not to affecting my favorite artist. They put the music there for me to enjoy, so why is this app so triggered by a premium user (who I may have to note again, PAYS For the service) looping a song they liked.

I absolutely agree with this. As a premium paying customer I demand that my streams are not filtered after all, you know I’m human because you take my money!!!!!!! Transparency required to prove that Spotify is not manipulating charts. After all it certainly looks like you are pushing Olivia down everyone’s throats whilst conveniently ‘filtering’ 47% of BTS’ streams?!


I'm so sick of spotify. I pay premium so I can enjoy my favourite artists songs as much as I want, anyhow I want while the artists get rewarded for their work. If spotify is going to decide which of my streams are valid and filter it as they choose, then I'll have to go somewhere else. I feel like I am being cheated and the artists are being robbed.


I am a premium user and what they have done in the last 4 days it's unbelievable.

Spotify does not filter from artist who pays a lot of amount of money for promotion but I pay 10 € monthly and didn't even count my streams?

What a joke.



Ps: Global7Bangtan on Twitter guys :))