Turn off explicit Album Artwork

I'd like to request the option to turn off explicit album artwork, OR the option to turn off ALL album artwork.


Unwanted explicit artwork shows up when browsing Spotify.

For example, when I make a radio station based on a clean song, the artwork may be explicit/racy/offensive for a random new song that I have no control of. In addition, suggestions of other popular songs appear in the edges of the interface that I have no control over.

Thanks very much as this would provide a cleaner environment for the majority youth that is using Spotify.

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I'm surprised this is an issue. Parental controls to block the display of explicit album covers and tracks should have been implemented a long time ago. I do not understand how this option does not yet exist, especially since Spotify has a music category labeled "Kids". Why would anyone want their kids surfing Spotify for music when there are album covers showing scantily clad and/or completely bare breasted women, often posed in sexual positions. These types of albums pop up randomly, especially while you are searching artists/tracks. I'm tempted to get rid of my account, after seeing an album cover displaying topless women, while using Spotify on my PS4...I was looking for different versions of "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" (not an explicit song) and BAM...bare boobs in my face. Good thing my kid was not there listening to music with me...a ritual we enjoy doing together. Apparently, this is not an option with Spotify. 


Please please please implement the option to block explicit album art. I believe this functionality exists on the iPhone version...or did at one point. I would like this option on the desktop and PS4 as well. Otherwise, I will strongly consider canceling my subscription. Almost every other entertainment app/platform I've used has had these types of parental controls available. It would not stop others from seeing the artwork...it will just allow the opportunity to create a safer and less sleazy atmosphere for impressionable kids/young adults.




Completely agree with the above. I enjoy taking a look at new music, but with all of the explicit artwork and content in the stream I'll find new stuff elsewhere for now.

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I totally agree. Spotify should have added this feature near the very start. I don't understand how hard it would be. I would even prefer having NO cover art for all my songs rather thanseeing such content.


In case hiding 'explicit' artwork generally or automatically (without user input) is too complex and costly a feature to implement quickly.. please at least give users the ability to either:


# 'tag' specific album artwork to hide only that one, OR

# show/hide all artwork


I competely agree with all of the above comments. I love searching for new music, but then all of a sudden I'm bombarded by explicit artwork, that neither I nor my family appreciate seeing. Please add a feature that would allow us to block some or all album art.

Thank you. 

I agree. I am considering leaving spotify due to the explicit album art that we do not have the option to filter.

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Kudos to this idea.  Companies could possibly ban Spotify from office use if explicit album covers keep appearing on people's monitors.  I love Spotify but the music I tend to listen to has some pretty explicit artwork.  Anyone looking over my shoulder could accuse me for looking at porn.

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Would like to see a setting that eliminates explicit songs.  As a premium member, Spotify is FANTASTIC.  I regularly explore new playlists and have it playing in the background.  I would greatly appreciate the feature of allowing / disallowig explicit lyrics from being played.


Thnak you.