Update webOS App for webOS 3 and the HP Touchpad

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I'm new to spotify, and I'm using my 30 free premium days. I'm using them on my Mac, on my Windows PC, on my iPhone and on my Touchpad... Touchpad?


Yes, there is a Spotify webOS App; But only for webOS mobile phones, if you want to run it under webOS 3 you have to root your Touchpad and install ipks from unknown locations, copy several files to different locations and patch the app somehow to use the full resolution... This cannot be the solution!


So here is my plea to the Spotify team: Please make the webOS Spotify app compatible with webOS 3 and the Touchpad!


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Yes!!!  I've been using the phone app on the touchpad, but I'd really appreciate a native Touchpad app.


Does WebOS browser have flash?



me too. My touchpad is the main music device for me. I'll subscribe to Spotify as soon as I get the Touchpad app.

@hammeh: Yes, but even if Spotify would create a web based flash player, this wouldn't be as good as a native app that uses the built-in controls for media player and so on!


Yes I can understand what you are saying, my BlackBerry Playbook doesn't have a Spotify application either! Such a pain 😛 

In the meantime, you could try giving yourself access to the beta web player on the tablet and see if it works.



But I have working App which looks ok and is stable 😉 But it takes time and terminal skills to search and make the different modifications to make the webOS App Touchpad compatible. I there wasn't any App for webOS I think I would quit after my test time....

I installed the Spotify WebOS app on my Touchpad and also have a Premium subscription, however I get an error message "the track is not currently available for streaming" on many of the tracks.  How can I get them to play?


Spotify works great on my windows based computer and iPhone...all tracks sync and play. Wish I could get it to work on my Touchpad.




I would certaiinly get a premium subscription if there was an app for my Touchpad. I'm cheap but that would be well worth $10. a month.  Or will the new google $10./month music service beat Spotify to the punch.......


To adapt the WebOS phone Spotify app for TouchPad use go to,


...and follow the instructions.  You must be in developer mode, but it's pretty straight forward.

Also install the­/patchs­/spotify­-hd.patch    for full screen and rotation.  

Go to    for screenshots.


For TouchPad users running CyanogenMod 9 This version of the Android Spotify app includes rotation.


@namgod: Thanks for the links. I knew this solution, but it is not very user friendly! With ACL for webOS we have another (not user friendly) one... 😞