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Hello Spotify team and Users, 


Recently I've bought a physical album of a singer that doesn't made her lastest album available on Spotify, what is ok since each artist has the right to choose how its album is going to be sold...Anyway, I converted all the songs to AAC (using iTunes) and added to Spotify as local files and synced with my iPhone.


When I play the songs either on Desktop or on my iPhone seems that Spotify is not able to show the album cover. What makes me really upset because I like to have all my songs organised with the cover.


Another point is that the company that I work has recently allowed us to access some kind of websites like Spotify which made me really happy once I wouldn't need to be plugged all day with my phone, but the fact that I cannot listen to my local files using Web Player forced me to go back to the phone.


I'd like to suggest that you guys make us somehow be able to listen our local files using web player.


Thank you for the attention.



Ronaldo Santos

Updated: 2016-06-28

Hi and thanks for your contribution! Album art is enabled for local files, so it seems like you're encountering a bug. Please check out this thread and see if following the steps others have posted resolves your issue.

In regards to your second point, a similar idea has also been suggested here:
Add your kudos and comments there please!

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