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Usable History!


What if the History was usable, searchable and did not reset? Think about it: I listen to a lot of music. Sometimes after a party you realize some good stuff was played last night. Perhaps you realize this a few days later. But the history keeps clearing out, it is only a few tracks long. Why?


What I would like is:

1) that the History is not cleared, unless asked to. Several thousand songs long, it does not hurt anyone, surely?

2) History should have a more obvious location. I checked, and none of my friends even knew History existed!

3) and within history you should see when the track was played. Date and time would suffice to keep the UI simple and clear.

4) History should be linked to your account. When you access Spotify on your phone, your history is there.


This would allow you to do so many things. Make a playlist from last nights party, make a selection of those songs you played in your car on your way home, find that awkward song that your mate woke you up with last Saturday morning.


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Updated: 2015-11-17

Hello everyone,

This idea here is over 3 years old and combines not only 1 but 4 ideas in one topic, which makes it impossible to properly update the ideas status any further. If you still want to see those points implemented, please split up that idea, so we can manage it by giving according statuses to each separate idea.

2 of those ideas have already been submitted again here:
Last time played in History
Listening history across all devices

Thanks everyone!

Casual Listener

Holy cow Batman!

This feature is asked for all the time on this list!


I just realized how many new "ideas" there are, flooding in all the time. Wow! It really shows that Spotify has a very engaged audience. Keep up the good work!


/ AndreasH



I also like this idea. I would like it to basically be a database of all the music you listen to...just how works. I want to be able to see my ALL TIME listen history and be able to compare it to others and see theirs as well. And if people don't like it then they can choose to not let others see it.

Gig Goer

You should just scrobble your history to!! it's the absolute best way to view what you have been listening to.

Casual Listener

Hi Vurtual (and others of cource),


Thank you for the tip (and checking out my suggestion)!


I agree with LastFM, it's great! But I have been using Spotify since it came out - and Last.FM since.. well, since it came as an App in Spotify I guess. Not that long, in other words.


So your idea is a good suggestion for the moment (although Spotify should integrate a proper usable history in the long run), but the issue I have is that Last.FM keeps suggesting albums I have already listened to for years ("You have scrobbled Faithless before, but not this release" -> points to album I have listened to a zillion times before). So it keeps an excellent history since I got it, but all the history backwards is obviously not there.


And, who knows what's around the corner? Last.FM might change into something else and disappear from Spotify, Spotify might do something fishy that Last.FM dislikes and suddenly they are not there anymore. For ease of use, having the history in the same app is always better in the long run (says I, who have my bookmarks in XMarks and passwords in LastPass.. he he he).








Gig Goer will only take what you have scrobbled to, but you may be able to import your listening history from Itunes/Window Media Player etc... Also, isn't going anywhere, Spotify is an infant in comparison!


Would LOVE a searchable history...i often hear a song and dont' get to the screen fast enough and it would help users, support artists and make Spotify an even richer experience!


If you link your account to Facebook, every song you listen to (at least, those which are not in "private session" mode) are logged in your activity. Just go to your facebook profile page and click on the activity log. There's a way to filter your activity so only your spotify activity is listed. Then, you get a list of songs by date. Hope this helps!


Adding my two cents here concerning scrobbling (which is natively integrated in the Spotify desktop client) and the for Spotify app (which is not necessary for scrobbling): of course it cannot read your mind backwards what you have listened to before you became a user (except for the option to import your media player history when creating a new account). 😉 But the more you scrobble from Spotify or elsewhere, the better = more accurate your listening history and related recommendations in the Spotify app will get, e.g. the album that you listen to so often will no longer be recommended to you once you have scrobbled it. Another feature of the app is showing a playlist of your recently listened tracks that you can either play directly or save for later which would make sense if you want to check again what you have heard yesterday on Spotify for example.


Your complete listening history is shown in the track list of your profile of course, and also the weekly or overall artist, album and track charts resulting from this listening history. So while you are waiting for Spotify to integrate something similar in the desktop client, you might already use it on 😉


Concerning the status of this idea I wonder why it is set to "Not right now", because it was linked as the current idea from a duplicate idea: Or do I miss something?


Gave this idea big kudos because, although I'm a longtime user and I love it to bits, many of my friends who use Spotify don't use Having a similar breakdown of each user's listening history (overall and monthly top artists, tracks, albums) could really make Spotify a better social experience and platform for music discovery, and not just the app you use when you don't own a song but really want to put it on a party playlist.


I agree. A searchable history that does not disappear when you sign off is just missing from Spotify. I never could understand why it is not here. It would practically negate the need for Itunes for music listening. (I said practically. Please don't jump on me...)