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Usable History!


What if the History was usable, searchable and did not reset? Think about it: I listen to a lot of music. Sometimes after a party you realize some good stuff was played last night. Perhaps you realize this a few days later. But the history keeps clearing out, it is only a few tracks long. Why?


What I would like is:

1) that the History is not cleared, unless asked to. Several thousand songs long, it does not hurt anyone, surely?

2) History should have a more obvious location. I checked, and none of my friends even knew History existed!

3) and within history you should see when the track was played. Date and time would suffice to keep the UI simple and clear.

4) History should be linked to your account. When you access Spotify on your phone, your history is there.


This would allow you to do so many things. Make a playlist from last nights party, make a selection of those songs you played in your car on your way home, find that awkward song that your mate woke you up with last Saturday morning.


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Updated: 2015-11-17

Hello everyone,

This idea here is over 3 years old and combines not only 1 but 4 ideas in one topic, which makes it impossible to properly update the ideas status any further. If you still want to see those points implemented, please split up that idea, so we can manage it by giving according statuses to each separate idea.

2 of those ideas have already been submitted again here:
Last time played in History
Listening history across all devices

Thanks everyone!

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