Use Existing Song Files on Mobile Devices

I have always been very frustrated with the fact that if I want to listen to a song or use it in a playlist (offline) within the Spotify app, I cannot do so with a song that is already on my device.



I use the Spotify app on my iPhone for most of my music listening. However, I have a handful of other apps that allow me to listen to my local music through them (like a game or workout app for example), but all these other apps can only see songs on my iPhone that were synced via iTunes. Say I want to listen to a certain playlist or album during my workout using my workout app, but I also want to listen to those same songs later in the Spotify app (offline, to save on data streaming). This would require me to have TWO copies of each song on my device (Which is rediculous! Who has the extra space for that?), one in the native music player library, and one synced using Spotify.


PLEASE find a way for the Spotify app to recognize the existing songs on a mobile device without having to sync them using desktop Spotify. No one should have to have duplicates of local songs on their device. Compatibility with the local native music on a device would be a godsend!

Updated: 2015-11-17

Update: This idea has been reposted here.



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Music Fan

I agree with this, really surprised after loading on my new iPhone 5, that I cannot either:


a) Access iTunes music on my iPhone within the Spotify App, I expected to find them under Local Files.


b) Other apps can only see my sync'd iTunes music, not my offline spotify playlist.


I've seen the answer to create ANOTHER playlist on my PC, and use local files, then on the iPhone mark it as available offline and then that will sync to my device... that seems an odd way going about it and requires the use of a computer, when I just want iTunes files on the iPhone and Spotify to work together.


I mean... what is the point of the "Local Files" playlist on the Spotify iPhone app then??

Casual Listener

I completely agree with this suggestion. I have actually heard that Rdio has this feature, and I have been tempted into switching over just because of it.

Casual Listener

100% percent agreement from my side too. I have an iPhone and I guess there is no technical reason as other applications can access the local music library.


Add me to the list of people that would love this feature.


We need this feature on ALL mobile platforms. I can see Spotify implementing this on iOS and Android but leaving out Windows Phone 8 like they have been since their app launched. Spotify really need to pull their finger out and unify their mobile apps, and implement basic features which numerous rivals already have. The Xbox Music app on my Lumia can stream music and browse local files whilst the Spotify app can only stream, this is putting me off getting a premium subscription as I don't want to have to juggle two apps at once, and I know for a fact that the WP8 API allows third party apps to browse and play locally stored music files so this is entirely possible and very, very easy to implement.

Casual Listener

Any update on this suggestion?


So many people these days do not have a PC and need a way of putting local files in their spotify just using their phone/tablet


This would be a great feature

Music Fan

Good idea. Kudos please people!

I joined this community just so I could recommend this feature. I hope the people at Spotify do not find this trivial due to the ability to add local files via syncing with the desktop app, we all know this. MANY of us, including myself, don't have/use desktops anymore. I have no way of adding my music to My Music, I have to use two separate apps for music which is extremely inconvenient. The worst part is how easy this would be to implement, especially with the dev tools released with iOS 8; There is no reason Spotify shouldn't play well with the rest of iOS apps, environment, and local files. This (besides Apples reluctance to allow Spotify to be the default music app, and Siri integration, which tbf is Apple problem) is the the only thing keeping Spotify from being near darn perfect. Please fix this soon!!
Gig Goer

Once again spotify go deaf on a must have idea. Other providers r dio,  Google play are getting ahead of them.