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Loving the ps4 version of Spotify, but if I don't want to game and listen to music , I'd love a visualizer for my TV screen.

Updated: 2016-04-16

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As a plasma TV owner and PlayStation 3 and 4 user, this was the first feature I looked for when I started up the Spotify app on the PS4. Image retention is still a problem for us plasma owners and the lack of a full-screen visualiser during music playback is a big drawback for me.


It doesn't really have to be anything really complicated; you could simply have the song's thumbnail pic move about the screen with the background dark or black; anything to avoid having that giant, bright white, static pause symbol in the middle of the screen.

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I would definitely would like to see a sleek and wicked music visualization for the tv while I play music. Loving that you guys joined with ps4. Such a great idea. That's the only thing I can think of to add to this spectacular idea.

it's a very good idea, i've got the same and i logged in just for send this thing


Yes please!!!

After my first 15 min using the application I was looking for this feature, and found myself here about to suggest a screensaver/visualizer. 


I found a solution for screensaving :), go to you browser on ps4 and Search for webbased screen saver ps4. It's simpel and it works! But i support the idea for a built in option in the app.


I am running this on my PS3, so the suggestions for playing a different program to create visuals does not work.  If I try to run another app, spotify quits.
I have nothing but a list of albumb covers burning into my plasma TV.  This makes the app efectively useless for me.

All I need is a black screen.  That's it.  Just make the screen fade to black after a minute, and then just display-then-fade the track info when the track changes.  This isn't complicated; that's all we need.  A full-screen visualization would be nice, but let's just get the screen to fade out for right now.


Make this happen, please. 

Definately a must. Would make the app better for parties too. Having a visulizer displaying on the screen while controlling the playlist by the phone app would be amazing! Oh and i am also a plasma screen user. Not sure why it hasnt been done yet. Since very old mp3 players such as Winamp, have had this ability since the 90's! Make it happen