Want to subscribe to Artist without subscribing to their personal playlists

I really enjoy the option of subscribing to an Artist to get notifications when a new album of theirs has been released. What I would like to see is the ability to turn off their Spotify profile activity in the sidebar. Just because I am following them doesn't mean I want to see their personal playlists appearing on my screen.


What I suggest: The option to subscribe to their discography and the option to unfollow their Spotify profile.


I don't care what Lorde is listening to, I just care about her own music. 

This idea has been submitted more than 1 year ago, but unfortunately hasn't gained enough kudos during that time (10 kudos/year). In order to keep an overview of the active ideas in the forum, this idea will be closed for now. Note that this does not mean the idea has been declined by Spotify.

Please feel free to re-post this idea if you still feel you want to see this implemented. With a little change in presentation, maybe this time it will gain the necessary support from the community.

Status: Inactive Idea

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