Way to manage app access

Add a way to manage application access to your account (revoke access to applications, so they can no longer access your account), something similar to the way Twitter does it, or Last.fm

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I have the same request.

Me too. As there are quite a lot of third party applications, services that use the public Spotify API and require us to allow them to attach to our accounts before we can use any of them it is indeed required to be able to stop such third apps from further access if we find something fishy with them.


It's pretty ridiculous that this doesn't exist still. At least give us a way to revoke access to all of them and regrant as we need to.


It's misleading to have an ability to grant access with no way to revoke it. I would never have granted access to 3rd party apps if I had known that it was not possible to manage these access grants.

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Holy **bleep**.  I blindly assumed that this was there, too.


It’s completely inexcusible to allow apps to authenticate like this with no way of revoking access! Unbelievable...


Same thing here. I support this idea. Clean and useful.


It's not only useful to useres, also in Spotify's interest.


If you add this feature you can setup monitoring: if there is a spike in users revoking a certain app, it woudl be time for you to check out if they are abusing your API. 


And seriously I'm with faoiseamh I would have never granted access if I had known I can't just go into my account settings and revoke it.


How is this not available more than a year later? This is something that should have existed prior to even allowing third parties to get keys to the API. This actually puts me on the edge of flat out removing my Spotify account entirely because it's a huge breach of trust.