[Web Player] Bring back option to scrobble to last.fm

I really miss the feature to scrobble to last.fm from the new web interface as we were able to do so in the last one.

Please, bring it back!

Updated on 2018-03-03


It is now possible to scrobble your listened tracks directly through last.fm. You just need to link you account in the Application Settings page.


In my case, it took some time for the link to start working, but it does scrobble across every device you use to listen to Spotify, including the webplayer.


Also, if you use the scrobbler in the Spotify Desktop app, you need to turn it off or you'll see double scrobbles.


Hope it helps. 🙂


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i wouldn't hate the new layout if I would still be able to loop one song at a time like before. the option to play a single song was removed and now it will loop the entire playlist or an album, i hate it so much.

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they should bring last.fm back to the web design

Casual Listener

I just can't get over the thought that there was actually someone sitting down to DELETE a previous, good option. Why are you doing that, Spotify? Please bring that option back (for people like me, who mainly listen to music at work) 


 I'd like to see this feature added back. I'm not sure why'd you take away an existing feature.


+1 Such a shame they removed this feature


I agree. I know Last.fm isn't as popular as it used to be, but disappointed that scrobbling was ditched on play.spotify.com — please consider adding it back!

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As I wrote in a comment to another post, and as can be seen by the amount of requests to support scrobbling across all sorts of devices, the overarching problem of the Last.fm integration in Spotify is that it's a client setting, not a server one mapped to the account.

Every Spotify customer with a Last.fm account should remember to add his/her Last.fm credentials in every single Spotify client and then we bump into some cases, like the web client or the Bose speakers, where there is not even the option to add Last.fm details.

I would like the Last.fm details to be a server-side configuration mapped to the user account, and scrobbling to happen from the Spotify servers rather than from each and every client.


I just don't get why this was removed. My new job won't let me download the desktop player so I'd love to use the Web Player. Thing is I've scrobbled every listen since June 2005...would love to have this feature back.

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the entirety of the new layout is bad, but the scrobbling removal is the kicker.  😐  It's like they specifically tried to ruin the browser version.

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