[Web Player][Connect] Embeddable player with connect

I had an idea for a feature where a web player could be embedded within an external site, and the administrator could securely login to a spotify account, and anyone viewing the web player could queue a song and vote to skip any current song playing. (Kind of like a jukebox)


I broadcast music like a radio kind of thing when talking to people on TeamSpeak, a voice chatting application. This would be extremely useful for something like this as it would allow anyone listening to the music I am playing to queue a song and if the majority of people do not like the song playing it can be skipped without me manually having to choose or skip songs. The voting interface could be developed seperately or done by the website developer on a site specific basis (I am web developer in my spare time). All I ask is for the functionality to embed a web player with support for connect that could be used as a jukebox like system, and if the voting system I suggested is not included, a way to hook into the controls with a custom desgined controller used for voting to skip songs.

Updated: 2015-09-03

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