[Web Player] High Quality (320 kbps)

I want to revive this inactive idea.

My workplace does not allow the desktop player through the proxy.

I would live to enjoy 320 kbps, the primary reason I subscribe to Premium service.


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Updated on 2018-06-16


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Updated: 2015-12-04

Marked as new idea. This is a repost of the following inactive idea.


Same position. Cannot install for company security policy reasons, the Spotify app.

As Premium subscriber, I would like to have the option to activate 320kbps streaming through the web player.



320 kbps sounds really nice but I don't know how useful it is for the majority of users. Many people won't notice a difference above 192 kbps (even 160 kbps) especially with a good pair of headphones but if the option would be there, it would make some users really happy.


I scored a 100% (easily) in this test:




With USB out to an iFi iDSD Micro DAC+amp, and an MDR-7506 headphone.


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This is also one of the reasons why I subscribe to premium. Great idea.


as a chromeos user, i cannot access to anything but web player. although being a premium user, then, I cannot take advantage of higher quality streaming


It's the same for me, I can't install any software at computer at work for security reasons.


I actually subscribe to Premium then found out that it didn't work at work (web player) then I unsubscribed.


So Spotify if you want my money please make this available !!!


Hopefully this will give them enough reason to consider it.



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As a paying user for 3 years I kind of see this as less of an idea (no offense) and more of missing functionality. Then again I don't know if there are limitations that are preventing this. Many streaming sites offer at least 720p video resolutions which I think are around 2000kbps? Could it be more of a pirating / proprietry problem that is holding this up?


Anyway..   chrome os user and kuddo'd


This cannot be difficult to implement and will not cost Spotify any more in bandwidth (since they already offer this on desktop and mobile). Many users must use Spotify web (e.g., ChromeOS, corporate policies) but are unable to stream high bit rate audio despite paying for Spotify premium. 


Would be thrilled to see this.


This is not a new idea.  This is a defect and it needs to be fixed.  FYI Google Music is 320kbps in the browser (and there locker upload is way better than Spotifies local playlist sync).  If they get their gapless issue fixed I'll be movig over there. I am a paid Google subscriber as well as Spotify for testing purposes.  I would prefer to remain with Spotify as I like the UI better, and the desktop app option (which I can't use most of the time becasue it won't cast to chromecast, which is a Google problem), but function wins over form with me.