[Web Player] Select Sorting Options for the Library

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Hi guys,


I've already asked for support in this topic: and a moderator suggested me to submit it as a "new idea".

I'm a free-spotify user, and I'm using the web browser from a windows 10 laptop computer.

The problem, basically, is that in the web browser albums and artists are no longer sorted in alphabetical order, and if I want to play a specific album finding it is not trivial. Just take a look at the attached picture and you'll figure out easily.

Right now, albums and artists are sorted ascending from "last added". I understand that maybe someone would find this organization "useful" or "brilliant", so my idea is either to revert to the old alphabetical organization or to give an option to select the way we'd like albums or artists to be sorted.

It shouldn't be difficult to do it.


Before someone asks: I know that the desktop app works fine, but I haven't got the possibility to install software on my computer.


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I'm coming here from the other thread to cast my vote for this as well. It's hard to imagine that this was an intentional change, it has been alphabetical order for years. Perhaps some query that retrieves album data is accidentally being sorted by date instead of by name.


Organizationally, alphabetical makes far more sense for searching and finding specific songs/albums/artists. I can't think of a situation where I'd say "I'd like to find an album I saved to my collection on Oct 1st 2017", but I can think of many situations where I'd say "I'd like to find albums by artist XYZ". For collections based on names (like music), alphabetical organization makes for a far more sense for a human UX. Things like email, where the date received is contextually important, make more sense to organize by date. Perhaps a dropdown that lets us pick how we would like this data sorted would be a comprimise, if this can't be changed back to the way it was. Thank you.

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Yes, having the same issue.  It only seems to have happened in the last week or so, Spotify really need to look at this in fairness.


Maybe you just should go to spotify premium, then you can do that 🙂


@Simöndli_Böndli wrote:

Maybe you just should go to spotify premium, then you can do that 🙂

Nope, I'm on Premium, have been for years, you can't do it. Of course you can do it on the app, etc. but this is specifically related to the web player obviously.

If anyone is interested, I added an "Order by Artist" option to the right click menu of my Chrome extension. It only works with albums currently loaded onto the web page, meaning you have to scroll to the bottom of your album list if you want them to be fully sorted. It works decently well, but I'll be using this until they change the order back to the way it was a few weeks ago (if they ever do).


Thanks for all the likes received so far, I hope someone would consider to implement it.




It does appear Spotify love to mess with functionality on the web player.


it worked amazingily years ago, filters, alphabetical order, easy album/track queuing.


I don't get it...


@Pdobbin wrote:


I don't get it...

Same here. It was working perfectly, then they decide to change it because...?!


I think i read in another thread that "it can't be done"... which is obviously rubbish; it was able to be done until they decided to turn it into the jumbled mess it is now.


As above, change it to the way it was or add an option to sort alphabetically, release date, album name, and even the spotify way (date saved to collection!?), if they really think it's a viable option.