[Web Player] Sorting Options within a Playlist

Hi Spotify,

I might be the only one but I can't figure out how to change the order of each track on my playlist. For me it seems like the most intuitive way, to handle this, would be "drag'n dropping" songs around in the order ill prefer the playlist to be in.

I have attached an image to explain what I mean.







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Drag and drop is only available on the desktop version, not yet on the Web Player.
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I wish you could click on a column header and alpha sort by the column header. I often accidentally duplicate songs within a playlist and use that on the desktop version, but the webplayer doesn't have that option. I use the webplayer at work and the desktop version at home.


I'm a Chromebook user and would love the ability to sort the full list of "my music" (ie. the Songs tab) by all the different columns (eg. song name, artist name etc). Currently this sorting ability seems to be absent from the web player (unless you click on the albums or artists tab which doesn't provide the same kind of list).


 I only have a chromebook - this means I have NO opputunity to edit my tracklisting...


Me too.


Sorting, reordering and filtering and to an extent, searching songs within a playlist are really basic features even for the web player. It feels disappointing that no-one took the time to add those in almost three years from the first submission.


Spotify, seriously, this isn't a difficult thing to add to the webplayer.  Why are you putting so little effort into making the webplayer better?  Make the experience consistent across multiple platforms.  I understand that the webplayer was started as nice to have option, not necessarily your main focus, but seriously, as lordkelvin says above, we're three years on from the first submission.  I've had Spotify for over 3 years and I really think the quality is slipping.  I'm increasingly frustrated with your service and inability to meet your customers simple tech demands, like taking something simple like playlist folders from the app to the webplayer.  Get it together, Spotify.


3 years !!! A reason for me not to buy premium, folks. --Andi




Also, Please let us delete songs from playlists from the web player.


Is this seriously still not a thing?????