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Why am I paying to have all my upload used up? P2P streaming should be only for free users.

I'll start off by saying this: I'm a gamer. That is to say, both my download *and* my upload are important to me; if either one of them gets over-utilized, then I get high latency (lag). So I pay for the ability to cache songs locally. But in return for caching them locally, the entire purpose of what I'm doing in the first place gets negated! - Spotify streams from my computer, P2P, to other Spotify users.


My idea is simple: At the moment, if you are using Spotify for free, allow local caching of songs - but only if the P2P streaming is also allowed by the user. For those who have paid, STOP causing us issues! Instead, allow local caching by non-paying users but only if those users agree to seed.


The only option I have at the moment is to mess up Spotify's proxy settings, which will deny it access to the internet and let me game in peace. Pretty much silly, seeing as I'm paying for this service in order for me to be used by Spotify. :/

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Good idea, I think just a simple check box in the settings page of premium users that disabled the uploading would suffice


Thanks for your post, I didn't realise that! I have a satelite internet connection because there is no ADSL available here. During the day I can download 5.8 GB and upload 1.2 Gb per month. I pay 10 € extra to have unlimited datatraffic during the night. So I downloaded music during the night to play that from my laptop during the day.

Now I see that within the first 2 days of my monthly quota, my upload quota is completely used.

Do you think it would be sufficient to stay in offline mode during the day to prevent this? 

It will be clear that I support your idea!



This does seem like it is penalizing the paying users.  At the very least allow us to set a upload speed limit...

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I too am a Gamer, and in Australia we have a limited bandwidth on our accounts from ISPs' here.  And yes it uploads as fast as it can from Spotify, I was blaming others in our house hold, causing many arguments until I found Spotify was the cause  of the massive minute long spikes on my bandwidth. I am canceling my Premium account until they rectify this injustice.  Its like having someone steal the fuel from my car after I paid for it.


First of all, let me say that I understand what why you did there and why. Yes, it helps to reduce the load on your own servers.


However, I absolutely support the suggested idea.


I've 2 more options to suggest:

(a) If it's impossible to implement this idea, you could at least give us an option to set download & upload speeds within the Spotify client. Right now it's only possible via the usage of some 3rd party software which limits your network traffic.

(b) You can offer the latter options to your paying customers only.



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Well, here's the fact of the matter: This exists to relieve stress on their media servers. We're streaming to other users of Spotify; we're streaming the music stored on our computers to other users.


Ostensibly, we shouldn't see much (if any) upload used if we stop caching playlists locally - the songs won't be stored locally, and so our clients will stop acting as servers. But that obviously poses problems for many of us, like wimvl; he's not paying to get rid of ads or get higher quality music, he's paying for the ability to cache playlists locally.


Now this is some seriously tricky terrain for how to solve a problem of this magnitude...but maybe IPv6 will give us the solution with multicasting :/


I'd love to argue that free users should be able to cache songs locally too, but I doubt it'll happen for a few years. Once it does though, true peer to peer streaming might come to fruition with the slow upgrades to residential ISP networks and who knows, maybe we'll see good music without piracy XD

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People realise it. Netflix opened yesterday in Finland and they are streamin 1080p FULL HD MOVIES without P2P and I can watch all Full HD content in no time. And price is for this heaven only 7,99 € month. Why Spotify use P2P and data is only about 100 MB in hour when in Netflix 2,5 GB in hour??? And Spotify Premium is 9,99 € month here. This is like joke, I can stream Netflix also in my mobile.


So let's say if those folks at Netflix can provide FULL HD 1080P movies without need to P2P, why Spotify stream those little files using P2P? Who eat our money at Spotify office if Netflix can provide in line from Netflix servers Full HD Terminator movie (2 hours, 2,5 GB traffic) without any single problem! Really Spotify??? The Full HD 1080p is much more than one crappy song from Lady Gaga.


Bye folks.


They really need to disable the P2P for paying users.  (Right now, since you become a seed when you have offline playlists, they're taking even more of the bandwidth of paying users than they are of free users.)


I spent 45 minutes setting up my firewall to block Spotify from connecting to everything except their own servers, Facebook, and Amazon S3 and CloudFront (Spotify pays them for hosting of some files), but I shouldn't have to do that just to avoid having other people leech my bandwidth (works great, and music downloads much faster now since it comes from the CDN now).  For free users, fine, have P2P, but not for paid.


Don't hold your breath, though.  Spotify has a long history of ignoring their customers, and this thread will be ignored just like all of the other feature requests.  (Sync iTunes playlists more than just once.  Please?)

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This issue desperately needs sorting out, I will be leaving Spotify otherwise.  


For us folk with ADSL this completely kills the internet. Spotify maxing out my upload at 50kb/s just isn't fair when I'm a paying customer.



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