[Windows] Metro App

Windows 8 Consumer Preview is going to be released in February 29th.

Will you at Spotify have your app ready for download until then do we have to wait until Windows 8 is released?

Updated on 2017-10-26

Hi everyone. Thanks to everyone for their contribution to this thread. We really appreciate it. In the interest of full disclosure, we’d like to share with you the status of this request.

We're confirming we aren't building a Metro App for Spotify. For this reason we're going to mark this as "Case Closed".


However we've noticed this thread has lots of users posting various questions about Windows 10 or Desktop issues. If you have another Windows 10 question or idea please post another thread so we can get back to you with a response. Thank you!

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Hopefully they do. The current Windows app looks like a bootleg OSX app. We need something more native, a Metro app would be a great refresh.


Spotify can't even give us a iPad or Android tablet app. It's gonna be a LONG wait. Good idea though.


Hi fellow Spotify-ians.


Wouldn't it be great with a Windows 8 Live Tile for Spotify?


It could show your current track and album/playlist, and if clicked open up a special Windows 8 Metro-style interface so you don't have to leave the Metro start menu to use it.






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Lawl 😄


Spotify can't even give us: Community Support, E-mail Support, yet a long a full working Desktop Application, and if Rorey you conisder this SPAM... You got issues. I'm just stating the facts I don't see a Windows 8 Metro App any time soon.


However I agree it would be nice to see a Spotify Metro Application.

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No Jayy. no problems here 🙂  I too would like to see a Windows 8 app soon. 


Regarding support, please let one of our community moderators or myself know if you ever send us an email which doesn't get answered within 24 hours. 




Please release a Windows 8 Metro app


+1 Would really like to see a Windows 8 metro app.  Does anyone from Spotify read this forum?  It would be great if at least someone from Spotify could say "we acknowledge the request" or 'it is in progress'

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I think this has already been suggested in the help section, but as another user of the wonderful Windows 8 Consumer Preview, I just wanted to say how great I can imagine a combination of Spotify's service and the Metro interface would be.
Get to work now and it could be the music player to have by the official release date!


Microsoft said that both spotify and skype will not be released as metro apps before the big release of the windows app store in april this year.


It was a few invited members that was allowed to add apps to the store before the big release.


And the most of the metro apps will only support ARM not x86 or x64.