[Windows] Metro App

Windows 8 Consumer Preview is going to be released in February 29th.

Will you at Spotify have your app ready for download until then do we have to wait until Windows 8 is released?

Updated on 2017-10-26

Hi everyone. Thanks to everyone for their contribution to this thread. We really appreciate it. In the interest of full disclosure, we’d like to share with you the status of this request.

We're confirming we aren't building a Metro App for Spotify. For this reason we're going to mark this as "Case Closed".


However we've noticed this thread has lots of users posting various questions about Windows 10 or Desktop issues. If you have another Windows 10 question or idea please post another thread so we can get back to you with a response. Thank you!


follow this link here.

Spotify windows preview, maybe this is what you want..


Hey Spotify Community!



Being a particapant in the Windows 8 Consumer preview program, I have the chance to expierence Windows 8 and it's metro style interface and applications. Seeing the potental of par Media apps such as "Microsoft Music" and "Microsoft Video" (Both names replacing the "Zune" brand in Windows 😎 I feel that these new style applications are opening up a new door for Spotify to reach to with the release of Windows 8. That being said, development of metro-style Media application have been confirmed from providers such as Pandora and VEVO.



Spotify is great! I would be even greater if it was Metrofied!


Cheers! -Civiks


I guess a lot of people whould like to se a windows 8 metro app of spotify, i for one would love to se one, where you could share tracks with the people you know. I think Spotify whould fit perfectly with the metro interface, where you can share song or playlist with the windows interface, and have spotify in an "small window" next to the things you are working on at the moment.


I guess it will be a while before spotify will release an app on windows 8 since it is written in flash.


It would be one of the greatest app.... Im testing Windows 8 right now.. and i saw the cool Music apps in Metro style... Its realy cool and easy to use... it would be a great Deal for Spotify... 

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Unkasen, didn't know that, that really sucks, glad to hear that Flash, Silverlight, Java and **bleep** like that is not accepted for Windows 8 Metro Based Apps. The future for Windows is bright!


This gets even more interesting for spotify after the presentation of the Microsoft Surface this week. We need a Metro tablet version!


Since Windows 8 has been given an official release date, October 26, will we be hearing anything about Spotify developing a metro app anytime soon, or at least notify us that one if currently in the making? If customers are stuck using the current desktop app on Windows 8, I wouldn't be surprised if they jumped ship. I myself will most likely jump to the first provider that makes a metro app for their music streaming service. 

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I've just merged a lot of these Windows 8 ideas together, and moved the kudos over. 


Having installed the Windows 8 Release Preview on my laptop, all I have to say is WOW.  The potential for the interface is pretty astonishing (even more so when you consider placing it on a touch based platform, ie a tablet).  The Metro apps are all very slick, and having a spotify live tile would be fantastic.  Microsoft's Zune player was the UI king of Windows 7 and their new Music app has a lot of great things going on in the Metro interface.  Spotify would be well served to take some design cues from them and prepare an app for the release in October.  Even if Windows 8 is only as successful as Vista (which people love to point to as a failure), we're still talking about millions and millions of copies sold.  The app would be functional on laptops, desktops, as well as tablets, and if what Microsoft says about shared kernels and easy portability is true, a port to Windows Phone 8 ought to be fairly straightforward as well.


C'mon Spotify, lets see what you can do.


Oh, and seriously, that charms bar, that allows you to share  anything from metro to facebook/email/etc - how perfect is that for the social aspects of Spotify?